Mexico vs South Korea Betting Tips

The second round of Group G games in the 2018 World Cup take place on saturday June 23rd. Mexico vs South Korea takes place first followed by Germany vs Sweden.

Out of all the first batch of games, Mexico are probably the team that impressed most and everyone wants to see more of. The World Cup is full of teams who due to overall lack of quality compared to their opponents, sit back and work on the counter attack. No-one handled it better than Mexico.

Going up against one of the favourites of the World Cup in Germany, Mexico did an absolutely incredible job and thoroughly deserved their win. Mexico were excellent overall and let’s hope they don’t fall flat in the next game.

They will take on South Korea who lost 1-0 to Sweden. Sweden played with a 4-4-2 but pushed up higher and it brought them success in a rather dull game. South Korea sat very deep and it’ll be interesting seeing if Mexico are able to penetrate them. Mexico are obviously going to excel against the bigger teams but now THEY play that role.

Mexico vs South Korea Betting Odds:

Mexico To Win: 1.55
South Korea To Win: 7.50
Draw: 4.00

I’m going with Under 2.5 goals for just 1u. Read my analysis below or bet Mexico vs South Korea at

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/19 9:56:17 AM EST but are subject to change)

Mexico Analysis:

Obviously their counter attacking abilities were excellent against Germany. Well, solid at least. They really shouldn’t have thrown away so many chances but they looked dangerous.

The question is if they’ll be able to break down South Korea or not. I always felt a goal was coming from Sweden but South Korea did a great defensive job.

You’d hope South Korea push up more in this game but I just can’t see it. So that means that Mexico need to break them down.

Going to be very interesting see how Mexico handle this role.

South Korea Analysis:

South Korea never really pushed against Sweden and looked happy with the draw. They pushed a bit more after going down but they really didn’t look good at all and it was a very poor performance.

They mustered just 2 shots the whole game – both off target – with 3 attempts blocked. I really wasn’t impressed with them at all and it was one of the worst performances of the World Cup this far.

It’d be nice if they try and push up more in this game but I can’t see it.

Mexico vs South Korea Betting Tips:

While I loved what Mexico did against Germany I worry about them against lesser opponents. I think it’s the great unknown and although I’d love to see them give South Korea a good ol thumping, I’m gonna go with Under 2.5 goals for 1u. I think they’ll be happy when they get up 1-0 and we won’t see South Korea attack much due to fear of the counter. You can bet that at