New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers Betting Tips

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What a difference a year makes. Last season the Carolina Panthers made a run at being undefeated, finishing 15-1 and making their way to the Super Bowl. They had some very close finishes along the way, but they did a great job of getting the job done and just had a fantastic season overall. Ron Rivera is a great coach and last year’s MVP Cam Newton absolutely deserved to win that award.

This season, they are just 3-6 and desperately looking for a win at home against the Saints. It’s been a tough season for the Panthers as they are still a pretty damn good football team, but they just have lost all the close ones. Their last three losses have each been by a field goal and it’s not hard to imagine a universe where they currently sit at 6-3. If they have any hopes of making the playoffs, they need to win this one (and many more after it).

They play the Saints tonight who are in a similar boat. They are 4-5 on the season and have lost a few coin flip games as well. They have had an amazing offense again this season as Drew Brees just refuses to age. Of course, they also have a defense that has been giving up big points all season (like always). This should be one of the better Thursday Night Football games we’ve seen this season.

Saints vs.Panthers Betting Tips:

The total on this one is set at a whopping 52 points which makes a lot of sense considering these two teams have combined to average nearly 800 yards per game on the offense side. They also combined for 79 points in a game earlier this year. This should be a game of touchdowns and who can score the most of them before the time runs out.

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The problem with the Panthers this year has been allowing passing yards which got them in trouble against the Saints and the Falcons. They’ve been fine facing teams like the Chiefs or the Rams, but have not done so well when facing a star quarterback. Drew Brees is a star quarterback.

For the Saints, it’s hard to find a scenario where they don’t give up a lot of touchdowns. The Panthers are still a very good offensive team and the Saints are still a bad defensive team. This isn’t rocket science.

The smart play here is over 52 points. This could be a close game, but it will definitely be a high scoring one. Expect big points tonight and an easy over.

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College Football Betting Tips:

The NFL won’t have the only high scoring game tonight though. Tonight’s Houston and Louisville is guaranteed to be a high fireworks game as well. Louisville is an absolute juggernaut this season and they should come into this one highly motivated as the season winds down and they are fighting for bowl position. They should put up big points tonight while Houston, the home team, does it’s best to keep up. I think they’ll do well. Over 68 points

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