NFL Betting Tips; Habs vs Sens

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It’s Sunday, October 11th 2015 and welcome to todays daily free sports betting tips.

We’re a little bit late with todays tips so we’re going to skip the early 1pm games. Instead for the NFL action we will provide betting tips purely for the late games. We’ll cover every one for you however so let’s get to it shall we?

Here we go:

NFL Betting Tips:

Call us conspiracy theorists – but we’re going to take the Lions Moneyline purely due to that referee decision last week. Lions are +4 at home and we’d like them anyway – but even moreso going into this game after that mess up on Monday Night Football.

People talk about how decisions like that have a way of working themselves out throughout the season and that’s true – but it normally resolves itself pretty quickly. It’s not that the referees are going to go out there and cheat to win the game for the Lions – but trust us, after that game they are going to get any 50/50 calls their way and some penalties the Lions commit will be ignored, while the refs will be looking at the Cardinals more.

We’re going to take the Cowboys +10 against the Patriots. A big line but we think they can stay strong with the Pats. They’ve managed to get 28 points against the Falcons and 20 points against the Saints. Both of these are impressive feats and the Pats secondary is weak. This should be a good shootout hence the 50.5 over/under line.

We’re also going to take the Broncos -4. Raiders are an iffy team and they hate the Broncos big time – but Denver match up extremely well of the Raiders. This is one of those games that the Oakland Raiders take very personally but the Denver Broncos? Not quite as much really. The Raiders secondary is a disaster at the moment and Peyton should have a field day with some good throws into them.

We’re also going to take GIants -8.5 over the 49ers. We’ll be honest – we absolutely hate tipping against the 9ers. They do have such solid talent there – but they are an absolute disaster and these last 3 games have shown it. The Giants are the type of team who have a ton of potential. Eli is solid, and he has some excellent targets to throw to – specifically Beckham Jr and Reuben Randle. This should not be a pretty game for the 49ers fans.

It’s going to be a good day of football and we’re all excited for it.

NHL Betting Tips:

The Senators are always a tough game for the Habs and we expect no different today. We’d probably stay away from this game honestly – but with Price out and Mike Condon in net it’s just too tempting.

Senators have shown this season they can find the net – and while they struggle to wrap up a game this is their first home game of the season. Everything is in place and we like the Senators to win this game.

The over is tempting but the Senators like to shut up shop and are good at nullifying a game – even though they haven’t shown that this season. So just the Sens to win.