NHL Bets: January 13th, 2020

Another incredible day of sports – well sort of.

I absolutely loved that Chiefs vs Texans game. I mean who wouldn’t? What a surreal game and what a brutal one for Texans fans. Funniest thing was seeing the Chiefs down by 14 points and they were still favourites. Heck even 24-0 it was only about +400. Reminds me of when Rangers and Celtic are losing 1-0 or 2-0 and they’re still favourites.

That fake punt. My gosh. That’s going to be the talk of the off-season.

Packers vs Seahawks not so much. I just found that a dull game right from the offset. Granted I’m from the UK and it was fairly late at the time but I just couldn’t get into it at all. I struggled to the end but man I didn’t enjoy it.

It was a winning day in the NHL yesterday. I backed 5 games and went 3-2. I won thanks to two underdog plays on the Devils at +200 and the Canucks at +240. Love me some underdogs and really both teams it was never in doubt. I also had easiest game in the world win with the Leafs/Panthers over.

There is 5 games taking place in the NHL today and I will cover them all here bet or no bet. So let’s get to it:

NHL Bets for January 13th, 2020

Bruins at Flyers Betting Tips: The Flyers excellent home performances meant nothing when they stuttered and stumbled at home to Tampa in their last game. The question is if they can build on that and be motivated or not? Have to remember this was a team that didn’t win in regulation for 6 games in a row. Boston are one of the best teams and the Flyers continue to miss Gostisbehere and Justin Braun. Flyers have a good recent recod over the Bruins having won their last three over them. It’s a close one with the performances of both teams I’ve got to say 1u on Bruins at -135.

Flames at Canadiens Betting Tips: Montreal were able to log a win over the Senators in overtime. Despite this losing run every game has been close so you cannot count them out. The Flames got that big win over Edmonton. As long as they don’t go into this one cocky, Flames should be able to take it but it’s a tight game and don’t underestimate the Canadiens. Flames are undefeated in 2020 and little things like that push a team. 2u play on the Flames incl OT/SO as -110 is a great price.

Hurricanes at Capitals Betting Tips: Capitals are just too heavy favourites here for me to bet. They’ve looked terrible the last two games. While they have the ability to snap this skid, Carolina have had their number this season. The over isn’t even appealing for me despite recent games in case the Caps can’t snap out of it.

Islanders at Rangers Betting Tips: Will the strong offense of the Rangers win out or will it be the Islanders defensive style? They haven’t played yet this season. I think the Rangers may pull off the surprise but not enough to bet on it.

Ducks at Blues Betting Tips: Blues are excellent. Not much else to say. If they lose, they lose. No reason not to take them here. I’m even tempted to go as high as 5u for this one but we will remain conservative. 3u on Blues in Regulation at -130.

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