NHL & NBA Bets for January 18th, 2019

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Two big football games this Sunday of course as the Rams vs Saints and Patriots vs Chiefs take place to see who makes it to the Super Bowl.

I’ll be back with Rams vs Saints Betting Tips and Patriots vs Chiefs Betting Tips tomorrow.

Hopefully some of you followed my golf tips from Wednesday as we are off to a decent wee start. Still a lot of golf to be played but Rahm and Hadwin are in contention in the Desert Classic and Stuard is still hanging in there. On the European tour after two rounds we have Pablo Larrazabal in 4th and even though he had a bad day, Oosthuizen is still hanging in there at 12th.

Doesn’t look like there will be a three-peat for Tommy Fleetwood sadly.

Let’s get on with the NHL and NBA Tips:

NHL Tips for January 18th, 2019:

Red Wings vs Flames Over 6.5 Goals: The Calgary Flames are one of those teams who feel like they are playing with an empty net. They just don’t have confidence in either goalie at this time so they have to go all out offensive. It’s been working for them a lot this season and they are conceding the goals like crazy but still scoring more than their opponents.

I like that to continue tonight against a Red Wings team who are uttering the word “playoffs” and looking at a streak. Red Wings should be up for this game knowing how important the next few months are going to be.

Leafs vs Panthers Over 6.5: It’s the Leafs man. Plus a hard working Panthers team off a dismal Canadian trip who will want to do the business at home. Got to think both teams go all out here and we see a lot of goals.

NBA Tips for January 18th, 2019

Timberwolves -1: the Minnesota Timberwolves have had a few days to lick their wounds after that absolute thumping by Philadelphia. I had predicted Philly would win that one as it was more about Philly than anything else.

I think the Timberwolves will come out of that one fired up. It was a humbling result but they have bounced back from humbling results before like after the Spurs game in December or the Celtics game early January.

They’re going to come out on this one fired up against a Spurs team who have been stumbling. I know Belinelli and Gay are back but Gay isn’t 100% and against a fired up T’Wolves team it won’t be enough.

Pistons -2: If Pistons don’t win this one then they can go to hell. They have had some injuries but everyone is healed now and they have their full team out. They got a nice victory over the Magic and they have the depth now. There’s a good feeling in their camp and I think they’ve got to take this one here. Heat are a good team of course and can bounce back but I’ve got to think the fully fit Pistons are just too much for them here.