NHL Picks for November 25th, 2015

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Welcome to the Sports Betting Tips for Wednesday, November 25th 2015.

This is usually the day we’d be doing the golf tips but we’re pretty much done for the year we think. There are a few tournaments we’ll look at and we may have something for you later on in the year – but honestly we’re happy to call it quits right now.

I mean seriously – it’s like George Costanza going out on a high note. Could we ever have a better week than this?






Yeah that’s what I thought.

Hope you enjoyed the free golf tips all year. We’ve proven that you won’t be able to find better golf tips anywhere! An absolutely killer season. Today we’re going to focus all on the NHL:

NHL Betting Tips:

Predators vs Sabres: We’ve got two teams with two bad offenses. Sometimes you expect a game like this to go under and then it blows up. However Predators have been shut out in their last 3 road games. Buffalo can’t score home or away at the moment and we’re getting a nice price. Under 5 goals is the play here. Both these teams have went Under 5 in their last 2 games against each other.

Rangers vs Canadiens: We’ll be taking the New York Rangers for the win here. The Montreal Canadiens are without Gallagher which isn’t as bad as it may seem. Gallagher gives up a fair amount of penalties. However we just think the Rangers are too good at home at the moment. Price also leaked a few goals against the Islanders and we can’t see the Rangers being shut out.

Penguins vs Blues: We’re going to take Penguins to win here. The Penguins are a bit up and down at the moment but they have still looked solid at home. They’re also rested going up against a Blues team that scraped a win over the Sabres 2 nights ago. We’ll go with Crosby & co for the W.

Wild vs Canucks: We’ll have to go with Wild to win here and you may want to tack on some extra points and get the Wild in regulation for much better odds. Minnesota have been so great at home lately with 5 wins in their last 6 over the likes of the Blackhawks, Lightning and Jets. Canucks last road trip was a disaster and they’ve not shown anything to suggest they can overcome that.

Flyers vs Islanders: The Islanders will be hurting after back to back losses against the Canadiens. They’ll come out vicious at home. Philly are chasing back to back wins but we don’t think they’ll have the confidence. Take the Islanders in regulation.

Bruins vs Red Wings: Have to take the Bruins on the road here. They’re underdogs and yet have performed so well. Their only two losses were Habs & Capitals so that says a lot. Bruins are a strong team and should get the win.

Lightning vs Kings: The Tampa offense is clicking again and the last 4 games between the two have seen it 5 or more goals. We like a hot offensive game and will take Over 5 goals in this one.

Ducks vs Coyotes: Coyotes have beaten the Ducks twice this year. Once in a dominant battle, once in a close battle. Both wins were impressive and both were in Anaheim. Going up against them in Arizona we’ve got to take the Coyotes here.

Senators vs Avalanche: Historically these two teams have high scoring games. Both offenses are on fire at the moment and altho they’ve had some solid defensive performances in recent weeks we like this to be an all out shootout.