November 21st, 2017 Betting Tips: NHL, College Football

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The most disappointing team in the NHL thus far this year has to be the Edmonton Oilers. Despite having the best player in the world and reigning MVP, Connor McDavid, they have really struggled offensively this season and are currently on the outside looking in on the playoffs.

The good news is that it’s early in the season and there is still plenty of time to get things straight. The bad news is their -14 goal differential is second worst in the Western Conference and the West is tough this year. It will be interesting to see how they adjust going forward as this was some people’s pick for the Stanley Cup this year.

NHL Betting Tips:

Edmonton heads to St. Louis tonight to take on the Blues who are having a really great season. The Blues are scoring 3.3 goals per game while only allowing 2.6 goals per game. The Oilers line is almost exactly the opposite of that as they are allowing 3.2 and only scoring 2.5.

While we all love McDavid, this team is seriously flawed and a team like St. Louis should be able to take full advantage of that. Edmonton has lost four of their past five and it should get worse before it gets better. St. Louis -145 is a strong play today.

The Philadelphia Flyers are losers of four straight and draw a tough match-up against the Canucks tonight. The good news is they are at home, but the bad news is that Elliot is goaltending and he has been in the net for all four of those losses. Honestly, this line just seems a bit too high for the way that Philly has played of late. The Canucks +165 is a solid play.

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College Football Betting Tips:

For whatever reason, Akron is the king of the weekday game. They’ve been in action on a weekday over the past several weeks and tonight is no different. This week, we are loving their match-up against Kent State who is simply not a good football team. They are averaging under 13 points per game on offense for the season and have allowed some huge numbers to their opponents. This one doesn’t take a lot of analysis, Akron -15 is an easy pick.

There is also a really rough match-up tonight with Miami Ohio facing Ball State. Both of these teams are on the wrong end of .500 and will not be seeing bowl action this year. The thing with these teams is their offenses just don’t put up a lot of points. Miami is at 24 per game and Ball State is at 18. While Ball State has allowed 40 or more in six of their past seven.

That second stat means a lot more than first one though as I think the defenses futility is going to be the star of this game and both teams could have their best offense performance of the season. Over 56.5 is our play here as we believe in Ball State’s ability to give up a lot of points.

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