October 27th, 2015 Betting Tips: MLB World Series, NBA

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A big night tonight as we have the first game of the World Series as well as the kick-off of the NBA season. While MLB looks to crown their champion, we’ll see last season’s NBA champion play their first game of the season.

The Warriors are bringing most of the gang back tonight and they look like a favorite to make it out of the West again this season. Of course, the West is always the hardest conference in all of sports so anything could happen there. We’ll also see the Cavs in action tonight who are the Vegas favorite to win it all this season. They’ll need to stay healthy (especially Lebron) and not get logged down with too many minutes this season (especially Lebron), but on paper they are a sure thing in the East. We have a long way to get there though so let’s just enjoy the ride.

As for the World Series, this one is a coinflip with Vegas odds having both teams at -110. This could be a very good series. The Mets have the four aces rotation, great advanced scouting and the hard hitting lineup that has carried them since the second half of the season. While the Royals have the weaker rotation, amazing defense, amazing bullpen, speed and great advanced scouting. This one could truly go either way and we’ll just have to take it game by game.

NBA Betting Tips:

The biggest loss in the offseason for the Warriors was probably losing assistant coach Alvin Gentry to the Pelicans. Tonight he comes back with Anthony Davis to the bay area to take on the Warriors on their opening night. Gentry is an offensive guru and he has the best young power forward the league has seen in a long time. If he can make things work like he did in Golden State, this could be a very special season for him and the Pelicans.

Of course, the Warriors are still the Warriors. The hardest team to prepare for and the hardest team to guard. Steph Curry changes everything and the way anyone on the team can nail a three is scary. They are the champions for a reason.

For tonight, I like the Pelicans +9. If there is anyone who could prepare for the Warriors, it’s the guy who helped build them. Draymond Green is a great, fearless player, but Anthony Davis is simply unguardable and will cause match-up problems all season. This could be a fun one.

The other big game tonight is the Bulls hosting the Cavs in Chicago. Kyrie Irving is out for this one, but the rest of the Cavs are intact. Analysts are all over the Bulls this season and think they could be a real threat. I’m not sure that I believe the hype though. The Cavs are still the best team in the East and if they are getting points, I’m taking them. Cavs +2.5

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MLB Betting Tips:

Tonight’s match-up sees Matt Harvey for the Mets take on Edinson Volquez for the Royals. If there is someone that the Mets are going to hit in this series, it’s Johnny Cueto. If there is someone else they are going to hit, it’s Edinson Volquez who gave up 5 runs last time out to the Jays. The Mets are a flyball hitting team while Volquez leans towards groundballs, that tends to favor the hitting team. I think the Mets will hit and hit hard today.

Thanks to the Mets sweep of the Cubs, this will be Matt Harvey’s first appearance in ten days and this is, of course, his first World Series appearance on the road. Rust and nerves could play a factor for him tonight. The Royals also don’t strike out which is a problem for any pitcher. I am not expecting a shutdown performance from Mets today.

For today’s game I think this is going to go over 7 runs. The talent level of the hitters in this game compared to the talents of Volquez and potential rust of Harvey is just too much. This could be a long series so taxing the bullpens in game one could create some interesting scenarios going forward.

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