October 3rd, 2022 MLB Betting Tips

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MLB tips for October 3rd, 2022.

We’re down to the final three days of the season and then it’s on to the playoffs.

I will have tips for every game of the MLB Playoffs and I think the System is ready for it as well. The System in a lot of ways is about walks, strikeouts, and homeruns which plays into the postseason style.

Not sure how many tips I’ll have these next couple days. Games could be weird as teams look to shut players down as they have nothing left to play for/are resting for the playoffs. There are a handful of teams that these games really matter to though so I am going to mostly focus on them.

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Arizona Diamondbacks at Milwaukee Brewers Betting Tips:

ARI – Tommy Henry 5.98 ERA/6.16 FIP
MIL – Brandon Woodruff 3.05 ERA/3.07 FIP

This is do or die time for the Brewers and they really couldn’t ask for a better match-up. They need to sweep this series and then hope for some help from the Astros. The odds are against them, but for tonight they have hope.

Woodruff has a 1.36 ERA/2.17 FIP over his last five starts while the Diamondbacks offense is limping to the finish with a 81 wRC+ over the past month. The bullpen behind him is a little sus, but I expect 6+ here from Woodruff.

Henry has been getting absolutely rocked with 17 runs allowed over his last three starts. Six homeruns allowed in his last two games and now he goes to a very homer happy ballpark. The bullpen behind him has a 147 FIP- over the past month. If the Brewers can’t hit this team tonight they don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

Brewers -1.5 (-114)

Philadelphia Phillies at Houston Astros Betting Tips:

PHI – Aaron Nola 3.36 ERA/2.66 FIP
HOU – Lance McCullers Jr. 2.38 ERA/3.40 FIP

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Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners Betting Tips:

DET – Bryan Garcia 3.29 ERA/6.55 FIP
SEA – George Kirby 3.21 ERA/2.89 FIP

The Mariners are making a push to the top Wild Card seed, but they need some help. Kirby has been excellent of late with a 3.47 ERA/1.96 FIP over his last five starts. Seattle’s bullpen is finishing strong with a 89 FIP- over the past two weeks. The Tigers offense has been awful against righties this season with just a 74 wRC+.

Garcia has only made a handful of appearances this season, but his walk and homerun rates are major red flags. The Tigers bullpen will likely have a heavy load here, they have a 105 FIP- over the past two weeks.

Mariners -1.5 (-115)
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Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Betting Tips:

LAA – Patrick Sandoval 3.03 ERA/3.16 FIP
OAK – Adrian Martinez 6.08 ERA/5.61 FIP

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