PDC 2011 World Championships Day 13 Tips

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Happy New Year, Darts Betting Tips followers!

Well, not the greatest of days on Thursday, as our man Mensur didn’t even bother to put in any effort aganist Wes Newton. We had a decent start, making a small profit on the first match of the day, but then it went downhill from there, I won’t lie. Still, we’re 15-20 and in profit to the tune of +2.9 units. We start 2011 full of optimism, a surprise quarter-finalist or two and two matches with the superstars of the game. The PDC World Championships are entering the home straight and we’ve got your tips right here!

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Terry Jenkins vs Wes Newton.

Terry Jenkins:

1st round: Beat Joe Cullen 3-2. Ave: 87.11
2nd round: Beat Steve Brown 4-1. Ave: 91.96
3rd round: Beat Mark Walsh 4-0. Ave: 99.05

Tournament 180s: 17
Legs played: 55
Highest checkout: 120

Wes Newton:

1st round: Beat Darin Young 3-0. Ave: 87.95
2nd round: Beat Brendan Dolan 4-0. Ave: 92.63
3rd round: Beat Mensur Suljovic 4-0. Ave: 97.34

Tournament 180s: 7
Legs played: 47
Highest checkout: 136

If you were to ask anyone who the only player not to drop a set after three rounds would have been, I would guarantee no-one would have said Wes Newton. But that is the case as we head into the quarter-finals. Both men have been getting better and better as the tournament has gone on, with averages getting higher as the matches get longer and Newton starting with 0 maximums in his first match, then 3 and finally 4.

This match could be a beauty if you’re a fan of grinding it out, as I can see Newton dropping his first sets of the tournament to Jenkins, who has found a new lease of life at the Alexandra Palace.

The lines for the highest checkout and 180s are practically perfect and we’d be relying heavily on Jenkins, as Newton has been the least prolific of all the quarter-finalists when it comes to the maximums.

However, for his limited 180 scoring, Newton has impressed me this week and he was certainly one of the form players coming into the tournament and he might just surprise a few people…and the bookies when it comes to the end of the match. He has been solid with his doubling and the professional manner in which he dispatched of Suljovic hinted at a possible turning point in his career. Jenkins won’t make this easy for him, as he rattled in the high scores against Mark Walsh, but I just think his doubling has the tendency to let him down at times and Newton won’t let him away with it in the manner that Walsh did. At the prices, we have to side with Newton, especially as the last time these two met in a major, Newton won 9-1 at the UK Open.

Wes Newton to beat Terry Jenkins 13/8 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 2 units.

Adrian Lewis vs Vincent van der Voort.

Adrian Lewis:

1st round: Beat Tony Eccles 3-0. Ave: 94.87
2nd round: Beat Mark Dudbridge 4-1. Ave: 90.28
3rd round: Beat Robert Thornton 4-1. Ave: 101.05

Tournament 180s: 18
Legs played: 55
Highest checkout 167

Vincent van der Voort:

1st round: Beat Preston Ridd 3-0. Ave: 85.85
2nd round: Beat Wayne Jones 4-2. Ave: 93.96
3rd round: Beat Simon Whitlock 4-2. Ave: 94.95

Tournament 180s: 13
Legs played: 58
Highest checkout: 148

Hands up if you had this down as Adrian Lewis versus Simon Whitlock on your wall chart. Vincent van der Voort has surprised a few people on the way to the quarter-finals and he’ll be looking to surprise Adrian Lewis, too. Sadly for VDV, the stats aren’t on his side. Lewis leads the head-to-head 14-6 and the last time they met at the World Championships, Lewis won 4-2. The signs aren’t good for the Dutchman.

Add to this the fact the Lewis finally pulled out all the stops in the last round and you can see why the bookies have Lewis aroudn the 1/4 mark. People have felt Lewis was destined for greatness and this could be his tmie to shine. He won’t want to ruin this with his terrible doubling, which hasn’t reared its ugly head too much in this tournament. As long as he keeps his quality finishing, he should be on his way to the semi-finals.

This game will be fast and furious, with a lot of high scoring and, because of that, I think there’s going to be a high finish or two and now that it’s best of 9, there’s more time for them to get it. The line is 130.5 and both men have taken out bigger finishes than that this week, with Lewis weighing in with a fair few three-figure finishes. I think the line is a tad too low, so that’s where our money is going.

Highest checkout in Adrian Lewis vs Vincent van der Voort match over 130.5 5/6 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 2 units.

Gary Anderson vs Raymond van Barneveld.

Gary Anderson:

1st round: Beat Morihiro Hashimoto 3-0. Ave: 103.26
2nd round: Beat Dennis Priestley 4-2. Ave: 103.44
3rd round: Beat Andy Smith 4-0. Ave: 108.39

Tournament 180s: 26
Legs played: 52
Highest checkout: 144

Raymond van Barneveld:

1st round: Beat Steve Hine 3-1. Ave: 94.28
2nd round: Beat Kevin McDine 4-1. Ave: 98.24
3rd round: Beat Colin Osborne 4-3. Ave: 97.19

Tournament 180s: 21
Legs played: 69
Highest checkout: 156

A five-time world champion taking on “the man who would be king”. Raymond van Barneveld taking on Gary Anderson in the quarter-finals is terrible. It’s a match fitting for at least a semi-final, if not a final.

Gary Anderson has been the revelation of the tournament, averaging in treble-figured in all three of his matches, one of which he won 3-0, 3-0, 3-0. He’s in the form of his life and the one man that could stop his march to the final is Barney. Barney, while somewhat fortunate to be in the quarter-finals, has averaged respectable figures and hit a fair amount of 180s. He hasn’t been too impressive, but he’s here, which is the main thing.

Anderson is favourite here and I can’t blame the bookies. I think he’s in the form of his life and his half of the draw is his to lose. He wins this, he gets Terry Jenkins or Wayne Newton in the semi-final and he’ll know this is the best chance he might ever get to reach a World Championship Final. Anderson will be up for this and I think that match against Colin Osborne might have taken its toll on Barney, while Anderson had a relatively comfortable match against Andy Smith, with no real pressure exerted on him mentally.

I like Gary Anderson and I like his price and this will be our biggest bet of the tournament, because I think with his scoring, he is unstoppable. Barney’s doubling has been just as poor as Anderson’s, if not worse, so the pressure might just be off the Scotsman a bit in the crunch situations.

Gary Anderson to beat Raymond van Barneveld 1/2 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 5 units.

Phil Taylor vs Mark Webster.

Phil Taylor:

1st round: Beat Gary Mawson 3-0. Ave: 88.49
2nd round: Beat Per Laursen 4-0. Ave: 102.09
3rd round: Beat Peter Wright 4-1. Ave: 98.07

Tournament 180s: 8
Legs played: 49
Highest checkout: 121

Mark Webster:

1st round: Beat Steve Maish 3-0. Ave: 98.93
2nd round: Beat Ronnie Baxter 4-0. Ave: 97.22
3rd round: Beat Mark Hylton 4-1. Ave: 93.25

Tournament 180s: 8
Legs played: 50
Highest checkout: 167

Welcome to the main event of the evening. Phil Taylor, who hasn’t been to impressive, faces the man who has been very impressive, Mark Webster. Webster is looking to go two betetr than his third place last year and Taylor stands in his way.

Taylor hasn’t looked in danger this year, but he’s had a relatively easy route to the quarter-finals. This will be his first real test, while Webster has come through a couple of matches that could have been dangerous, especially his second round match against Ronnie Baxter. The Welshman dismantled The Rocket in amazing fashion.

The only thing holindg Webster back is his scoring at times. He’s not a huge 180 man, but Taylor hasn’t been either during this tournament. The difference is Taylor knocks in a lot of 177s and the like.

This should be a spectacularly close affair and I really think the bookies have this wrong putting Taylor in as short as 1/6. The way both men are playing, no way Taylor only loses 1 every 6 times. We have to take a shot at Mark Webster simply because he’s the value of the night at around 5/1.

The other interesting line is Paddy Power’s 13.5 maximums and I think this is going to be low on maximums, perhaps scraping double figures if both men’s previous matches are anything to go by, so the lnie looks generous to me and we’ll take advantage of that.

Mark Webster to beat Phil Taylor 5/1 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Total number of 180s in Taylor vs Webster match under 13.5 10/11 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 2 units @ 10/11.

And that concludes our quarter-final tips for the PDC World Championship. By the looks of the selections, we’re hoping for a new PDC World Champion and I think it would be a fitting start to 2011. So, happy New Year and, even more importantly, happy betting!