PDC World Championships Day Four

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Well, apologies again for not getting our selections up yesterday, but we’re back with a vengeance and we’re ready to start making money again.

Vincent van der Voort Vs Dylan Duo

An interesting match first up tonight. We have the fastest player in the game against someone who is, for all intents and purposes, unknown. Dylan Duo is the No. 1 in Gibralta and plays a lot of the floor tournaments on the PDC circuit. He qualified after finishing 10th on the European Order of Merit and, to be fair to him, he finished higher than Jyhan Artut, who put out Wayne Mardle on Friday night. VDV is a total enigma, as is evident from the Grand Slam of Darts. One minute he’s losing to Anastasia Dobromyslova, the next minute he’s handing out a rare television defeat to Phil Taylor. The guy can score heavily, he can check out the big finishes, but then he’s capable of throwing 7 in the next three darts. We can understand why VDV is the price he is, but it does look a tad too short for someone who can blow hot and cold.

Recommendation: No bet.

Prelim Match: Haruki Muramatsu Vs Krzysztof Kciuk

Ugh. Another prelim match and another best of 7 match for us to sit through. The format is too short to take any sort of opinion on the game and the fact that these guys are two unknowns means this is definitely a “no bet” match for us. What to do is put the kettle on, have a cup of tea/coffee or something stronger and get ready for the next match.

Recommendation: No bet.

John Part Vs Toon Greebe

So, by this point you hopefully haven’t lost the will to live and the prelim match gave us our first nine-darter… OK, probably not, but we’ve got a very interesting match now. John Part is priced up as favourite here and quite rightly so. He’s one of the PDC Elite, whilst his opponent is a Dutch youngster who hasn’t made the impression some thought he might on the circuit. However – and this is a big however – he holds the lead in the head to head with John Part. It’s currently 2-0 in favour of Greebe. Sadly, this is somewhat reflect in the prices. Greebe is an appalingly short 2/1, whilst Part is hovering around the 2/5 mark. Both of these prices are unbackable for us and we’re happy to watch and we won’t be shocked with the outcome. We don’t know enough about Greebe to be confident about the stats markets and the match could be over in 3 sets, it could be over in 5. So, enjoy the match, sit back and relax and wait for the main event of the night.

Recommendation: No bet.

Terry Jenkins Vs Paul Nicholson:

Welcome to tonight’s main event! One of the PDC’s top players against one of the men that will be looking to have a great world championsips and get himself not just into the top 32, but into the top 16 and there’s no doubt Paul Nicholson has the talent to do that. Both men are heavy scorers and both men can hit the big checkouts, so we won’t be surprised if this game goes all the way. Jenkins will have the crowd behind him, as Nicholson made his name at the 2008 Grand Slam of Darts as the pantomime villain. Nicholson then went on to shock a lot of people with his run to the quarter-finals last year, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he put one over Terry Jenkins. However, the bookies have got the prices about right for the win market, so we have to look at the stats market for our bet at this game. As we’ve already said, both men can sore high and take big scores out to win legs and there’s a bit of value to be had here.

Over 7.5 180s in Terry Jenkins Vs Paul Nicholson match: 5/6 @ Ladbrokes.

Recommend: 2 units @ 5/6

Highest Checkout Over 118.5 in Terry Jenkins Vs Paul Nicholson match: 5/6 @ Blue Square.

Recommend: 2 units @ 5/6

Ronnie Baxter Vs Haruki Muramatsu or Krzysztof Kciuk

No prices up, obviously, but it wouldn’t matter. We have no interest in taking Baxter on against a qualifier and it could end up being a whitewash, depending on how good the qualifier is. I’m not holding my breath that we’ll have unearthed the next Phil Taylor, so watch the match, see how Baxter plays not it down for his next match.

Recommendation: No bet.

Summary: Not a classic night of darts by any means, but there looks to be the potential for an upset or two and maybe even three close matches. We have the tie of the round tonight and a nice chance to make some money right before Christmas, which is always nice. So, sit back, get your bets on and, most importantly, happy betting!

Bets to Date: 3
Winners: 2
Profit/Loss: + 2.08 pts.