PDC World Championships – The Final

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Good afternoon and I hope you’ve all calmed down from an amazing night of darts last night. Whitlock and Barney put on a darts masterclass and it easily lived up to Whitlock’s last match against Wade. Taylor bored us to tears with a 6-0 win. Not his fault, but you would complain if thge PDC paid him £100,000 not to turn up. Now, we have one last night of darts ahead of us, so without further ado, let’s get to the matches.

Ray Barneveld v Mark Webster:

SF – Barney lost 6-5 to Simon Whitlock
Ave: 98.4
180’s: 14
HC: 100

Webster lost 6-0 to Phil Taylor
Ave: 88.02
180’s: 1
HC: 40

Barney Tourney:
Legs Played: 111
180’s: 27
HC: 141
Highest Ave: 98.4

Webster Tourney:
Legs Played: 113
180’s: 12
HC: 136
Highest Ave: 98.54

3rd place play off has been re-introduced as an appertif for the final and it might prove to be an interesting match. Barney produced his best performance in 12 months on TV, but just missed crucial doubles in the final set when it really mattered. He might be encouraged by it, but is the desire there for effectively a game that means nothing? Webster, on the other hand, may have been hammered by Taylor, but he’s not the first that’s happened to and won’t be the last either. This is a big game for him though as the 20k extra for finishing 3rd is the difference between a top 32 spot for next year or being 33rd ( I think he is provisionally 29th if he makes 60k). However, we think Barney might have a bit too much for him and the prices are about right.

Recommendation: No bet.

Phil Taylor v Simon Whitlock:

SF – Taylor bt Mark Webster 6-0
Ave: 106
180’s: 10
HC: 139

Whitlock bt Ray Barneveld 6-5
Ave: 96.04
180’s: 13
HC: 160

Taylor Tournament:
Legs Played: 84
180’s: 34
HC: 170
Highest Ave: 107.37

Whitlock Tournament:
Legs Played: 132
180’s: 47
HC: 170
Highest Ave: 105.37

Final match of the tournament which sees the master take on a very hungry opponent. Taylor has systematically destroyed so many good players over the years and the worry here is that Whitlock could be another one. Phil has been in magnificent form again all week and his last 2 matches show he is bang on form. The question is how will he react if pushed? We think personally he will just raise his game further, but that’s obviously subjective. Whitlock has had a great run and win or lose this week will change his life forever. Hopefully he now relaxes as he is there and sees this as an opportunity to make history. He does have the game to compete as shown in the QF match but if he scores as he did vs Barney in the SF, then we do fear for him. We think Taylor will win this 7-2 or 7-3, but the bet of the match has to be a check over 136. Both of them are more than capable of this and as long as the match goes about 30 legs+ then we would be very confident that this will oblige.

Highest checkout over 138.5 in the Taylor Vs Whitlock match:
5/6 @ Blue Square.

Recommendation: 3 units @ 5/6

Summary: Final day of a really good tournament and hopefully it gets the final it deserves. If it is 7-0, though, with a winning bet, we’re sure we can all live with that.

Thanks for joining us for our tips during the world championships and we hope you come back for the upcoming tournaments in the darting calendar.

Happy betting!

Bets made: 25
Winners: 12
Profit: -2.44 units.