PDC World Grand Prix Day Two Tips

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What a fantastic first day of darts we had at the World Grand Prix in Dublin. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that – the crowd were electric, the matches were amazing and it was just a fantastic way to welcome darts back onto our television screens. And what about “The Power”? Was a 3-0, 3-0 score ever in doubt? Anyway, it was a day of swings and roundabouts for us at Darts Betting Tips, some nice winners and a couple of unlucky losers. We went 3-2 last night, so a 60% strike rate to start the tournament – good times!

The second day of matches at the World Grand Prix have a lot of star power, with Simon Whitlock taking the stage in the third last match of the evening, after Raymond van Barneveld and James Wade have played their first round matches. It’s a stellar line-up and I can’t wait to get my bets on, get settled down with a beer and watch the bets romp home!

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Andy Hamilton Vs Dennis Priestley:

What a way to start the day! Both Andy Hamilton and Dennis Priestley are favourites in my house. Hamilton because he’s capable of some great exploits and tends to be a generous price against top 16 players. Dennis Priestley, well, he’s a great servant of the game.

Priestley is coming off the back of a big weekend in Dublin, losing to Simon Whitlock in Saturday’s Players Championship tournament. Hamilton is the favourite in this match and rightly so, but Priestley is in form, so the tight market is close.

The fact that Priestley is around 6/4 shouts out simply because he’s shown to be in a bit of form and that’s all important in a tournament like the World Grand Prix.

Dennis Priestley to beat Andy Hamilton: 6/4 @

Recommend: 1 unit @ 6/4

Denis Ovens Vs Mark Walsh:

Another tight match between two players showing form in 2010. Denis Ovens was thought to have been a spent force at the end of 2009, but 2010 has been a big year for him, ever since he admitted he’d got over his dislike of being on the TV. Mark Walsh has had another great season on the floor, but again has yet to convert that to a big win on TV. It really shouldn’t be long, but with Walsh, you never can tell.

It should be a cracking game, if probably somewhat low scoring. But I think it could go all the way, with each set being close. The line on the amount of legs is 10.5 and that really does seem a bit generous when the maximum is 15, especially if we think it’s going all the way.

Over 10.5 legs in the Denis Ovens Vs Mark Walsh match: Evens @

Recommend: 1.5 units @ Evens.

Colin Osborne Vs Co Stompe:

It’s the hero of Darts Betting Tips, Co Stompe, against Colin Osborne. Stompe’s had a great Champions League of darts, the defending champion, Colin Osborne hasn’t. Stompe is more than capable of taking down Osborne and really should, as he’s so consistent when he gets into a groove. Osborne is so erratic and hasn’t shown any real form recently. He’s one of those over-hyped players that just doesn’t seem to have progressed over the years. Stompe is a marginal favourite, but he’s a price I really, really like.

Co Stompe to beat Colin Osborne: 10/11 @

Recommend: 2.5 units @ 10/11

Colin Lloyd Vs Wes Newton:

Over the last 10 months, we’ve seen a little bit of a resurgence from Colin Lloyd. It’s nice to see the former World No.1 going well again, even if it’s not the heights he reached a few years ago. On the other hand, we have Wes Newton, who I put in the same bracket as Colin Osborne. Both men don’t seem to have kicked on from the early potential they had shown in their early PDC career. That being said, this match, in my opinion, will be closer than the bookies might think. Lloyd is just a little too short, even though I think he’ll take the match down. There’s little value to be had, so after the excitement of a Co Stompe match, take a breather, grab another beer and just watch this.

Recommend: No bet.

James Wade Vs Mick McGowan:

When we’re trying to find some value, we don’t want this match up next. Wade is 1/10, quite rightly. This might not be a 3-0, 3-0, but it won’t be far off. While Wade isn’t in the greatest form of his life, Mick McGowan isn’t in the same league as Wade, even if Wade is playing at 75%. Again, just watch this match.

Recommend: No bet.

Raymond van Barneveld Vs John MaGowan:

Ugh. I’ll keep this simple. Raymond van Barneveld is back, to an extent. John MaGowan will be cannon fodder for him. I’m a fully paid up member of the Barney Army and I’ll be cheering him on, but I won’t have a penny on him. 1/9? Thanks, but no thanks. The markets offer little value, so again, sadly, just watch.

Recommend: No bet.

Simon Whitlock Vs Paul Nicholson

It could be the PDC’s heir apparent taking on who many thought would be the future of the PDC. It’s a battle of the Aussies (well, Paul Nicholson isn’t strictly an Aussie, but you get the point). Nicholson hasn’t managed to kick on since his Players Championship win at the start of the year, with some unbelievably disappointing results in the big tournaments. Simon Whitlock just goes from strength to strength and picked up another floor title on Saturday. This is Whitlock’s format, thanks to his unbelievable doubling. He should be able to double in and double out with ease, putting him at an advantage over the majority of the field. Add in his great scoring and this has 2-0 written all over it, especially given Nicholson’s sporadic form.

Simon Whitlock to beat Paul Nicholson 2-0: 11/10 @

Recommend: 1.5 units @ 11/10

William O’Connor Vs Barrie Bates:

You know, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I know very little about William O’Connor other than what I’ve read about him recently. He had a decent run at the UK Open, but Barrie Bates has the experience and is a seasoned campaigner, who also doesn’t flinch when on TV.

Bates is a fair price of around 8/11, given his experience, but the highest checkout market is interesting. The line is wild between the bookies and the 115.5 of Victor Chandler is the biggest out there. I can’t see it being over that, so let’s have a dabble!

Highest checkout in O’Connor Vs Bates match under 115.5: 5/6 @

So, enjoy the darts, enjoy the spectacle and enjoy a beer or two whilst watching it. Hey, it’s in Ireland, so you might as well do the darts the Irish way!

Remember, if you don’t have an account with Betfair, it really is the best way to bet on darts in-running, plus they do give you a free bet, which is always nice. So, sign up to Betfair, as well as the other bookmakers, get your in-running betting going in case you miss the start and, most importantly, happy betting!