PDC World Matchplay 2010 Day 3 Tips

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Well, a much better day yesterday, slightly ruined by Alan Tabern and Wes Newton’s inability to hit a high checkout. Still, we went 2-1 and we landed a nice touch on Mark Webster, proving that Adrian Lewis is about to start hitting the slippy slope down the ranking unless he can sort his game out. That being said, sometimes you think his results and ranking have flattered to deceive, when there are so many quality players in the PDC at the moment. I just think Lewis will start to feel the pinch with all these big names such as Anderson, Webster and, to a lesser extent, Stompe, getting a couple of seasons under their belt in the PDC

So, after a 2-1 night, we’re into day three of the World Matchplay already and tonight’s line-up isn’t exactly the most exciting that there’s ever been. Far from it, actually. Still, I’m confident we’ll get a few bets tonight, which I’m sure will mean a few winners.

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Terry Jenkins Vs Steve Brown:

I don’t know what it is with Terry Jenkins. He’s still playing decent darts, playing well enough to beat the journeymen in the PDC, of which there are many, but he just seems to be faltering recently when it comes to the bigger matches. He’s really not been impressive for a long time. However, he should have enough in his loket to see off Steve Brown. While Brown is a decent player, he really isn’t in the class of Jenkins, especially adding in the factor of the crowd and the TV cameras.

On paper, it’s no contest. That would usually lead me to the handicap market, but the this format isn’t great for handicap betting, as we’ve seen with all the matches last night. If a player can just hold his throw, he’s taking it all the ay to sudden death and Brown is probably capable of snatching 7 legs off of Jenkins should Jenkins doubling start playing up, as it’s prone to do. So, steer clear of that market, as -3.5 is probably fair and the prices aren’t worth getting excited about.

However, let’s take a look at the highest checkout markets. The line is aroud 120.5 in most places, which is fair. I think Brown might need to take some big shots out if he’s to win, but the pressure might just start getting to him, which is an important factor when looking at the checkouts bet. Plus, while Jenkins was once good for a big checkout, his doubling has been slack as of late, so maybe erring on the side of caustion is the way to go.

Highest checkout under 120.5 in Jenkins Vs Brown match: 10/11 @

Recommend: 1.5 units @ 10/11

Simon Whitlock Vs Tony Eccles:

Well, he’s the only Wizard left in the tournament now and all eyes will be on Simon Whitlock to continue his rampage through the PDC against Tony Eccles tonight. Tony Eccles is the ultimate journeyman and while he’s a good player, Whitlock has more than enough for him and Whitlock is only getting better. He’s thriving under the PDC banner, loving the crowds and is a shot in the arm for darts.

This might not be the 10-1 of Barney Vs Ovens, but I think Eccles will struggle to keep up with Whitlock’s relentless scoring. Having said I’d avoid the handicap markets in the previous match, I have to avoid them again, as 4.5 doesn’t leave much leverage should Eccles hit a purple patch, or Whitlock loses the head for a few legs. However, the checkout line is, in my opinion, sick for this match. At 120.5, it’s the same price for the Jenkins/Brown game and Simon Whitlock could be the best finisher in the game at the moment. He’s capable of hiting several 100+ finishes in a match and with the prospect of around 13-17 legs, he’s got plenty of time to do it.

Highest checkout over 120.5 in Whitlock Vs Eccles match: 5/6 @

Recommend: 3 units @ 5/6

Robert Thornton Vs Gary Anderson:

The clash of the two top Scottish players in the PDC. Both made the switch from the BDO in recent years and big things were expected from both. Gary Anderson is starting to find his feet now, with a final appearance at the UK Open. Robert Thornton, however, hasn’t found things as easy. After some early promise, it seems like he’s become another one of the players who will always float around the top 16, have a few good runs here and there and might, if he’s lucky, make the final of a televised event. However, he doesn’t seem to have the game, especially after his recent injury, to trouble the big guns. And Anderson is a big gun. Anderson is second only to Phil Taylor when it comes to scoring and some could argue that’s he’s actually a stronger scorer than Taylor, it’s just his finishing that lets him down. Well, the later part is so true. Anderson’s finishing will have you hiding behind the sofa if you’ve backed him. It can be the same for Thornton actually.

So, while I think this will be a routine win for Anderson, it might not be pretty when closing out the legs. So we’re going to the old faithful checkout market again.

Highest checkout in Anderson Vs Thornton match under 121.5: Evens @

Recommend: 2 units @ Evens.

Mervyn King Vs Jelle Klaasen:

A very interesting match. Mervyn King will get booed out of the building, Jelle Klaasen won’t. One is a former world champion, the other is Mervyn King. On paper, King should win this, but he might not have it all his own way. Klaasen has been off TV for long enough now and he’ll want to get back into the limelight. He’ll also have the crowd on his side, which is important, especially in Blackpool. Both are big time players, both have Premier League experience and this won’t be as one-sided as the bookies would have you think.

The real value is Klaasn to win, simply because the bookies have the prices a bit too big. 2/1 is a great price against someone like King who might just implode should the crowd really go for him. Add to the fact he’s last on and the crowd will be at their drunkest and most volatile, King’s head might just go. I hope not, as this has the potential to be a classic. But with all those factors, we have to be backing Klaasen at the prices.

Jelle Klaasen to beat Mervyn King: 2/1 @

Recommend: 1.5 units @ 2/1

That’s all for now. Enjoy the World Matchplay on Sky Sports 1 tonight from 7:00, get your bets on, sign up to the mailing list so you never missed out and, most importantly, happy betting!