Premier League Darts 2013 Night Fourteen (Newcastle) Premium Picks

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Premier League Darts 2013 Night Fourteen (Newcastle) Premium Picks.

Last week of the regular season, and fourth place could go to any one of three men – James Wade, Robert Thornton or Simon Whitlock. Admitedly, Simon Whitlock needs a lot of good fortune, but it could still be his and he’s got two matches to get there tonight. Robert Thornton also has two matches to play, which could get him over the line into fourth place in his Premier League Darts debut season. Wade has one match, and it’s against Phil Taylor, who’ll be looking to secure second place. Michael van Gerwen just needs a point to secure top spot, unless Barney wins his two matches by landslides, of course. So all that’s left to play for is fourth, really, as Phil Taylor knows he’ll be facing Raymond van Barneveld in the semi-finals.

If you’ve subscribed for Premier League Darts Premium Picks, you get the entire Premier League Darts season included. Last week they went 0-5 which was abysmal, and I can only apologise. We hit the bar with at least 3 picks and it was the most frustrating night for Darts Betting Tips for a long, long time. They currently stand, for the season, at -31.32 units. So not the greatest season, I have to admit. As a result and for sticking with me during the Premier League, all Premier League Darts subscribers will get Premium Picks for the UK Open free.

Andy Hamilton Vs Adrian Lewis.

A dead rubber here, but Andy Hamilton looked good last week in his win over James Wade, in what some would consider a bit of a shock with Wade’s recent form. Lewis has been out of contention for weeks, and has been going through the motions. He’ll remain professional, but all that’s on the line here is pride.

Andy Hamilton to beat Adrian Lewis: 6/4 @ 888sport.

Recommend: 2 units.

Robert Thornton Vs Raymond van Barneveld.

This is a match that could go either way. Both men need the win, and both men are capable on their Premier League form. The highlight of both men’s games has been their scoring, so it could be a power-scoring match.

Over 7.5 180s in Thornton Vs Barney match 5/4 @ 888sport.

Recommend: 2 units.

Adrian Lewis Vs Simon Whitlock:

Only one of the players has anything to play for, and it could be crucial to the outcome, especially if Robert Thorton loses his match prior to this. Whitlock needs the win, Lewis doesn’t.

Simon Whitlock to beat Adrian Lewis: 10/11 @ 888sport.

Recommend: 4.5 units.

Phil Taylor Vs James Wade.

Week in, week out Phil Taylor seems to be facing someone you could describe as an old rival. James Wade falls into that category. Wade needs the win here, but Taylor will want to get the win to keep him in second. It could go either way, with Wade perhaps hungrier. But we’ll avoid the outright markets and look at the stats. The 180 line is incredibly low for this match, even though Taylor isn’t popping lots in every week.

Over 4.5 180s in Taylor Vs Wade match: 4/6 @ <888sport.

Recommend: 4.5 units.

Michael van Gerwen Vs Robert Thornton.

Second match of the night for Thornton, and his semi-final hopes might hinge on it. Could there be a worse match for him to have? MvG needs a win to secure top spot, and he’ll want that, as I doubt he’ll want to face Phil Taylor anywhere but the Premier League Darts Final. And the same applies to Barney, of course. The curse of the second match might just be a factor here, but the Dutchman is unbackable at the prices. Thornton does have one area where he has been playing stronger, though – the maximums.

Robert Thornton to score more 180s than Michael van Gerwen: 13/10 @ 888sport.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

Simon Whitlock Vs Raymond van Barneveld.

This could be a dead rubber if other results have gone against both players. If Barney has missed out on top spot thanks to a win for Van Gerwen, Whitlock might have the advantage. But then again, Whitlock might have missed out on fourth if other results have gone against him, so we might just have an exhibition match to end the night. Too many variables to have a go on the outrights. We’ll head back to the 180 line, though, as both men love a maximum.

Over 6.5 180s in Whitlock Vs Van Barneveld match: Evens @ 888sport.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

That’s it for tonight’s Premier League Darts action from Newcastle.