Premier League Darts Week 8 (Cardiff) Tips

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What a horrible week last week. I won’t lie to you. The fact Mervyn King blew a nice lead against Simon Whitlock and only had to hold his throw to win made it a horrible nice. Couple that with the fact Raymond van Barneveld went back to how he’s been playing this season and it summed the night up. Still, we clawed something back with a nice bet on Phil Taylor, which eased the pain slightly.

Still, let’s move on to this week’s tips and see if we can get back on the right track, as we’re going along quite nicely through the Premier League season and we can’t let this blip set us back!

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Mervyn King Vs Terry Jenkins:

You know, this is a match between two players I’ve grown to dislike. It’s nothing personal, as I’m sure they’re nice guys (well, Terry Jenkins comes across as being very amiable, at least!), but both are players I don’t like betting on these days. Jenkins has the ability to play well, but he also has the ability to get turned over at very short prices. King simply has mental issues surrounding his game at times and if he’s having an off day, well, your bet’s done and dusted right off the bat.

With that in mind, if the right Mervyn King turns up, he destroys Jenkins. It’s second versus bottom, but there is only 4 points between them. Both players are power scorers when they’re at their best and both men are capable of some great checkouts when the mood takes them.

King averaged just under 98 last week against Simon Whitlock, while Jenkins averaged just under 90. On paper, a comfortable win for King. However, at comparatively short odds, he’s no value this week against a player who is capable of hanging with anyone bar Phil Taylor.

However, as I noted earlier, both men cak hit big checkouts and we’ll be looking for that in this match. The line is set at 121.5 in most places and I can see that easily being beaten and between them, they’re averaging roughly one checkout over 121.5 per match, but I think both men will know that to win this match they’ll have to put in a big checkout or two.

Highest checkout over 121.5 in King Vs Jenkins match: 9/10 @

Recommend: 1 unit @ 9/10.

Simon Whitlock Vs Ronnie Baxter:

Ronnie Baxter has, without a doubt, been the surprise of the league. All eyes will have been on Simon Whitlock after his performance in the World Championships, but, to be honest, Whitlock has been hit or miss, while Baxter has gone in with people not expecting much, yet showing a hell of a lot, averaging over 102 in matches and consistently putting in the high averages. Hell, there are people saying he really should have got at least a point from Phil Taylor after leading at the break.

So, we’ve got two power scorers again, although Whitlock has been capable of throwing in the 80s on an off day. However, his finishing is so good that it keeps him in matches. So, there can be no complacency from Baxter, as Whitlock can ping in a 170 checkout if he needs to (and he has in the league this season).

Whitlock says he’s been struggling with a heel injury, but if he can put in ascoring performance like he did against Mervyn King last week, he might win this match, but you can never write Baxter off. That being said, I expected Whitlock to be a shade of odds-on, so we can’t pass up a chance to back him at odds-against.

Simon Whitlock to beat Ronnie Baxter: 6/5 @

Recommend: 2.5 units @ 6/5

James Wade Vs Adrian Lewis:

James Wade has finally hit some kind of form, even if it isn’t anywhere near his best. He’s climbing up the Premier League table and he’s showing a lot of form in floor tournaments, getting to the semis on a regular basis. He’s up against the very inconsistent Adrian Lewis. Lewis was able to hang with Phil Taylor until the break last week, then simply capitulated, with his finishing letting him down again.

Now, we know both men are capable of high scoring and high checkouts, but both have been struggling with their checkouts and it’s been costing them at important times. If it wasn’t for his checking out problems, Lewis might have gave Taylor are tought second half and he certainly would have got closer to Simon Whitlock. Wade has been getting away with it in the past couple of weeks because his opponents haven’t been taking advantage and I can see it happening again, as Lewis tends to buckle under pressure. I can see Wade finding even more form this week and his confidence will be on the up, while Lewis’ confidence will be on a bit of a downer.

James Wade to beat Adrian Lewis: 6/5 @

Phil Taylor Vs Raymond Van Barneveld:

You know, this used to be the marquee match in the Premier League – the best in the world against the second best in the world. In fact, not just the Premier League, but whenever these two faced off, usually in a final, it was a big ocassion. Now, it seems like another procession for Phil Taylor. Barney found some form two weeks ago, then quickly went back to how he’s been playing for most of the year – terrible. He was found out by Ronnie Baxter. In fact, in the Premier League, Barney has hit only 1 checkout over 100, which is really worrying for someone who is known for his high scoring and ability to take out bit finishes.

Simply put, Taylor should find this a cakewalk. I won’t bore you with any thinking behind it, as Barney isn’t in any sort of form to put Taylor under pressure. Taylor might start slowly, like he’s known to do, but his superior scoring and his big finishes will ensure he wins this at a canter. But 2/9? No thanks!

However, as I mentioned earlier, Barney’s been checking out so poorly this season, that there is at least one bet out there for us.

Phil Taylor to have the highest checkout against Van Barneveld: 8/15 @

Recommend: 4 units @ 8/15.

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