September 26th, 2014: UFC 178 Betting Tips

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We had a nice easy win yesterday in the NFL. We went with Over 45 points and the Giants pretty much did that by themselves. And big thanks to Eli Manning. I drafted him in most of my fantasy leagues and wow was it nice for him to finally show me I did the right move.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Ryder Cup so far. Europe look like they’re going to take it as expected – but there was just some tremendous golf today, and impressive that Rose was able to do so good despite getting stung by a bloody bee!

So this weekend we have EPL, NFL and a whole bunch more. We’ll have EPL Tips on Saturday and then on Sunday we’ll do up our usual NFL Betting Tips.

For today we’re going to focus on UFC, in particular UFC 178. Quite the weak card this one in terms of big names – but in terms of fighting it’s going to be amazing. Cerrone vs Alvarez – oh man, so pumped for that one. Johnson vs Cariaso should be a battle, and Poirer vs McGregor is really the true main event. Let’s get to the betting tips:

UFC 178 Betting Tips: Poirer vs McGregor

We’re getting a great, great price on Dustin Poirer to beat Conor McGregor.

I love McGregor, not just for who he is and what he does, but how good a person like that is for the UFC. However there are rumours of a busted up hand, and even without that we’d still be betting on Poirer.

This is really a 50/50 fight and we’d honestly probably slightly favour Dustin Poirer. The man has taken out some big names such as Corassini and Brandao, and is just an incredible fighter. Him going into this one not just as an underdog – but a fairly big underdog, is quite a head scratcher.

I’ll be cheering for McGregor to win, but my bank balance will be cheering on Poirer.

Bet: Easy value bet on Dustin Poirer to win. You can currently get +225 odds of this over at

UFC 178 Betting Tips: Cote vs Thompson

Another nice and easy bet on an underdog. Patrick Cote is going into this one at +300 odds.

Stephen Thompson is a solid fighter with some great knockouts to his name and is a fantastic kickboxer. However Cote is a very experienced fighter coming off 2 big wins and has vote kickboxers before. He is a very smart fighter and he knows what to do against Thompson.

We do believe Thompson should be the favourite and he rightly is – but not at those odds.

Bet: Another super easy value bet – go with Patrick Cote to win at +300 odds over at

UFC 178 Betting Tips: Cerrone vs Alvarez

We love the Cowboy, but Eddie Alvarez is a slight underdog at +100 and we feel it’s worth taking.

This is a massive fight for him – he fought so hard to be in UFC and he’s just not going to give up. His submission skills are just unreal, and while Cerrone is also very talented at submissions, we think Alvarez has what it takes to squeak out the win.

Bet: Eddie Alvarez to win. Probably should be -125 so we’ll get some nice value at +100.