September 28th, 2014 Betting Tips: NFL Week 4

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Well unfortunately a bad day in the EPL yesterday. Liverpool and Everton played very tight, and we were extremely unlucky in both the Chelsea game, and the Man Utd game.

In the latter we had West Ham or draw and Man Utd didn’t look too good; especially when they went down to 10 men. Then West Ham had that goal chopped off – very tight and unlucky for us. But in retrospect, still the right bet to make we’d think.

In better news, we have two golfers who we bet to win E/W in the Nature Valley quite close. Both Paul Goydos and Jay Haas are tied for 5th. They’re unfortunately 3 off the leader John Cook and it’s going to be a tight finish.

That will be wrapped up tomorrow, as will the Ryder Cup so think positive things about golf!

Alrighty let’s get to the NFL Betting Tips for Week 4. We’re already 1-0 for the week after the Giants/Redskins game went over the point total. Let’s have a great day with the NFL Betting Tips – although we must note today does look fairly tricky. This is a day where we normally bet a half unit on everything then just hope for the best.

NFL: Saints vs Cowboys Betting Tips

This game obviously has the potential to be a high scoring game, but we think the line of 54 points is just a bit too much. Saints offense is strong, but the Cowboys are still relatively inconsistent. They’ve put up some big numbers lately that’s a reason for this high – but they’re going against a tougher defense too.

We think the Cowboys will have a tough game of it out there. They have the potential to win though – and we’re going for the Under here.

Bet: Cowboys vs Saints Under 54 points. You can even move this to 54.5 at

NFL: Jets vs Lions Betting Tips

This was one where we argued a lot about. We finally decided to go with the under but it’s tricky – the real question that determines this is how the Lions are able to handle the Jets secondary.

But with CJ apparently hurt, and 2 defenses that have been killing it at the moment – and a lot of great pass rushing from both teams.

It wouldn’t surprise us if this went over but we think there’s about a 58% chance of this one going under, after playing with some computer simulations and various arguments around the Sports Betting Tips office.

Bet: Let’s go with the under and cheer on the Jets secondary. You can cheer this on at

NFL: Colts vs Titans Betting Tips

Jake Locker is out, which is a big miss for the Titans. It’s just the motivation the Colts will need to really take this game to them. Colts were already favoured but even moreso now.

Colts are -7.5 and we generally hate that extra half a point – but you have to jump on it here as that line was set with Locker playing, and it’s probably going to jump to -9 in a little bit. It would be now if the news hadn’t came out so late.

Go with the Colts.

Bet: Colts to cover the point spread -7. Bet at