Spain vs Iran Betting Tips

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Iran and Spain take the field to play their second games in the 2018 World Cup against each other on Wednesday, June 20th. Earlier in the day the other two teams in Group B, Portugal and Morocco, face off.

Spain did what they had to do against Portugal – get at least a draw. They were probably the better team but what a performance that was from Ronaldo. It’s a credit to Spain that they were able to settle down and their passing was sublime as per usual.

Isco in particular is sensational and Spain down the left with their focus were very dangerous. They made a mistake in the closing third of the game by dropping deeper. That’s something they’ll have to be wary of in future games as it let Portugal into it again.

Iran vs Morocco was a real interesting game. Iran went out to frustrate Morocco and it worked well. Getting the own goal at the end was quite a bonus as they would have been happy with just the draw. As the game went on, Morocco got frustrated and this allowed Iran into it more.

Some excellent tactics by Queiroz and I wonder what he has up his sleeve for Spain.

Iran vs Spain Betting Odds:

Spain To Win: 1.18
Iran To Win: 21.00
Draw: 7.50

I am betting 3 units on Under 2.5 goals. You can bet this at or read my analysis below.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/16 10:58:17 AM EST but are subject to change)

Spain Analysis:

The managerial change didn’t seem to impact Spain too much. Spain were Spain and their passing and movement of the ball was excellent as per usual.

Spain had some great attempts against Spain and their ability to move the ball around at such a high passing accuracy is always excellent.

We know what to expect from Spain going into this one.

Iran Analysis:

In my analysis of Morocco vs Iran, I said:

Honestly from a player perspective I don’t really rate Iran at all but Queiroz is a great manager and he knows how to handle them despite their limitations. Their only real issue seems in games where they’re forced to “go for it”. In games where they’re happy to just sit back and defend that’s where they really excel..

That held true there as they showed how to handle a team like Morocco. I was wondering if they’d attack more but they did what they do best and it worked for them. This could cause issues for Portugal and Spain.

However Spain are not going to be as creatively defunct as Morocco and Iran just can’t match up.

Spain vs Iran Betting Tips:

Tactically this will be similar to Iran vs Morocco. Spain will hold the possession and Iran will do what they can to frustrate them.

However Spain move the ball around so well and have a much bigger creative force than the Moroccans. So the question is how do Spain do against weaker teams like Iran?

They usually win but the goal difference is iffy. I think I can see Spain winning by 2 and they won’t get frustrated by Iran however Iran do know how to play tight and this type of game is where they are at their best.

I’m going to go with Under 2.5 Goals for 3 units. I think Iran will be happy to defend and will hold Spain for awhile and Spain will be happy at 1-0 or 2-0. You can bet this at