UFC 189 Betting Tips

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It’s Saturday, July 11th and it’s a day that is host to one of the most anticipated fights of the year.

That fight is Chad Mandes vs Conor McGregor – initially, Jose Aldo vs Conor. Aldo pulling out has just made things that much more interesting – and so much more amazing if Conor wins. Then we will get Conor vs Aldo eventually, which will be just an amazing fight with so much incredible build-up.

We’ll also be busy today watching the 3rd round in the golf. It’s getting quite interesting. Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker are both tied for 11th at -8, with the leader Justin Thomas 4 ahead. Unfortunately inclement weather has suspended play so hopefully that doesn’t mess things up too much. Such an annoying variable.

We’re watching the US Womens Open where we’ve also got a bet on Stacy Lewis to finish in the top 5. She’s currently tied for 2nd although Amy Yang is dominant this time around and is 3 strokes ahead.

We didn’t have any bets in the Scottish Open but it’s been a fun one to watch with some crazy scores – Martin Piller leads at a whopping -18.

UFC 189 Betting Tips:

So first of all the main fight – Chad Mendes vs Conor McGregor. Honestly – you are crazy if you don’t bet Chad Mendes +160.

We love Conor, and we hope to hell we lose money on this fight – we really do. But Chad Mendes is a proven fighter, and a proven warrior. He has beaten all types of fighters and has went toe to toe with Jose Aldo. He’s beaten everyone in his path EXCEPT Aldo, and has gained a lot of punching power in the last few years to match his wrestling.

Conor has never been in there with someone of this calibre. Not even close. Siver was able to take him down and who knows what Mendes can do with him. We seriously hope we are freaking wrong here – we want Conor to do the business and knock him the hell out – but this is the easiest bet for value you will make in your life.

Next we will take Robbie Lawler +150 against Rory MacDonald. The fact is with Robbie we know what we’re getting when he steps into the Octagon. He’s going to go in there and he’s going to fight. We’re just not sold on Rory MacDonald at this time. He can’t seem to beat that upper echelon of fighter – he’s already lost to Lawler once, and Condit. Lawler is a tremendfous price here and we don’t know what we’re going to get with Rory.

That’s all we are going to cover today. Unfortunately we have to do some stuff around the office here in preparation for UFC tonight. If you are looking for a favourites double then you can go with Dennis Bermudez and Brandon Thatch which should play off almost evens.

Enjoy the show.

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