World Cup 2022 Top Team Goalscorers Group E & F

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In this post I go through top team goalscorer bets for Group E & F. Some of them are available here for free. All are available right now including all other group picks on our Patreon, where I will be posting betting tips for every World Cup game.

Group E:

Costa Rica: As a Scotsman, I groan at the mention of “Costa Rica” and “World Cup”. 1990 World Cup for reference – I’m still hurting. Actually that was the first time I remember actually crying during a football game – when Muller scored for Brazil to shatter our hopes. Just not fair man. Not going to be an easy group for them. I just feel if anyone is going to get a goal, Joel Campbell at 5.00 is that guy. He’ll likely be up there alone and can hopefully sneak in a goal.

Germany: Both Werner and Reus out is tough. Actually Germany are one of the toughest teams to pick due to how spread out their goals can be and the odds reflect that. Like even Thomas Muller at 10.00 is very tempting. I think I’ll go with Serge Gnabry at 7.00. I have a little bit more faith in him scoring in the bigger matches. Muller for some reason I feel ends up being a surprise winner but he just hasn’t been consistent enough.

Japan: Very tricky one as their strikers don’t make up the majority of the goals. It’s all about their attacking midfielders. I’m fine backing [Only available on Patreon].

Spain: Despite domesitc issues, I am going to go with Torres at 4.00 here over Morata.

Group F:

Belgium: Possibly the last chance we get to see this incarnation of the Belgium team. Lukakus fitness puts me off backing him. A big question is how they play De Bruyne – if he plays further up the pitch or if they sit him back more in central midfield. I’m going with De Bruyne 4.00 although this is an easy one to skip.

Canada: Funny living in Canada. Everyone I know who was never a soccer fan is now the biggest fan ever. Hope that continues past the World Cup. Although Ted Lasso and Welcome to Wrexham have helped that I feel anyway. Larin was great in qualifying but isn’t in form. [Only available on Patreon].

Croatia: This is just a total homer pick honestly. Luka Modric at 8.00. Love the guy, want to cheer him on, and hey we know he can get the goals.

Morocco: Quite a few of the players coming in not doing much domestically. I’m going to go with [Only available on Patreon].