WWE Fastlane 2017 Betting Picks

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It’s time for another wrestling PPV as WWE Fastlane is tomorrow night.

This will be a RAW only PPV and is the last pay per view before Wrestlemania.

It’s headlined with Goldberg vs Kevin Owens. That’s going to be an interesting one. Is Goldberg going to take him out fast ala Brock? Hopefully not. While I get that story, Owens is such a savvy wrestler etc that he should be able to use heel tactics to extend the match.

Of course after seeing how Ambrose/Brock went down at Mania last year I won’t be surprised if it’s a Goldberg steamroll.

WWE Betting is one of my favourite things because there’s usually some nice money to be made. I’ve killed it over the last couple of years and I’m hoping to continue that this weekend with my WWE Fastlane Betting Tips.

A lot of my plays this weekend are risky as there is a lot of heavy favourites in this one. I’m looking at spots where WWE may go for a gimmick finish etc.

My only real confident bet is Neville to win. He’s about -280 and I just can’t see why Gallagher would win this one. WWE are clearly pushing Neville and he should be going over.

My next two are half unit bets. The first one is Roman Reigns at +1000 odds. Yeah WWE are pushing Strowman strong but have you seen how WWE book Roman Reigns? It’d surprise me if Strowman goes over clean and while I’m not sure how this one will go down, I think there’s enough of a chance that there is some sort of DQ finish. Or hell, WWE just put Reigns over cuz why the hell not. It’s WWE after all.

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Same half unit bet on Enzo/Cass. A lot of people expect them to take the titles at Mania but WWE love to mix things up with these divisions so it wouldn’t surprise me if they go into Mania as champions. At +220 it’s worth the bet.

Next are quarter unit bets – 2 nice small ones. The first is Sami Zayn. Obviously he is the underdog both in betting and in character. WWE have been pushing Joe strong and I’d expect it to continue here. However with Joes actions ever since he debuted it wouldn’t surprise me for some sort of DQ finish or something. Or even a fluke Zayn win followed by a Joe beatdown. Either way the price is right.

My final bet is on Sasha Banks to beat Nia Jax. The fact is with the womens division I make my most money. It’s not because of knowledge it’s because I know WWE often go outside the norm. At times it feels like they throw darts at a wall. They have no long term booking and nothing really innovative.

That’s it for my betting tips for Fastlane. I should be back for Wrestlemania and I can’t wait for that one. This should be a good show and hopefully we’ll make some cash on it.