WWE Payback 2016 Betting Picks & Predictions

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This weekend we have WWE Payback 2016 take place. This is the first PPV since Wrestlemania 32, where Roman Reigns won the World Title.

We get asked this a lot – yes you CAN bet WWE and yes it IS all booked and planned out in advance. However the people “in the know” at WWE don’t place their bets until Sunday afternoon. A large part of that is because the WWE don’t make their results known until then in the final booking meeting – and hell even then sometimes they end up changing things just before the match begins.

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Let’s get to the betting picks.

WWE Payback 2016 Bets:

One thing to remember is that the odds are sometimes way too high to back one wrestler. For example – we like Roman Reigns to beat AJ Styles however -475 on Reigns is just too high a price. Yet we aren’t convinced AJ wins enough to make +325 a value bet – even with the likes of a DQ or countout win factoring in.

Our first bet is going to be Cesaro to win against The Miz. This is an interesting one because The Miz is a very strong heel and having the title helps him. However we see a couple of finishes where Cesaro can win. Since returning at the RAW after Mania he has been on fire so that will help. Also it’s very possible the Miz just walks out for a countout loss or he ends up getting DQd. Either way there are enough scenarios where Cesaro wins that we like betting on that.

We’re going to place a small bet on Chris Jericho +435 to win. We doubt he will but the value is there. Sure he finished very strongly on RAW which isn’t a good indicator but Jericho has surprised us before with some big PPV wins(see: AJ Styles at Wrestlemania) while WWE have shown in the past they don’t mind jobbing Ambrose.

We’re going to throw a small bet as well on Amore/Cass for the win at +280 odds. Vaudevillains will probably win and the story makes sense – but WWE do like to rush things sometimes and they may rush into the Amore/Cass vs New Day feud while they’re both so hot.

We’re also taking Kevin Owens to beat Sami Zayn. Owens is up to +140 now which is a hell of a price and we love it. Not sure why Zayn is so heavily favoured considering him losing is a big part of what makes him a star and we think Owens should go over here.

Our final WWE betting tip is Kalisto beat Ryback and that one is more on price than anything else. At +165 it seems a decent play considering WWE aren’t doing anything with Ryback. They may throw him in the mix as a heel against a face AJ etc but we’ll take the risk with a small bet on him.

Our only main bets are Cesaro and Owens – the rest are for value. Even Cesaro we’d recommend half a unit bet.

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