XFL Betting Tips: Renegades vs Dragons, Roughnecks vs Vipers

It’s been two winning weeks in the XFL so far this season. Can we make it three? I hope so.

I’m looking forward to the games this weekend that’s for sure.

As per usual, we have two games on the Saturday and two games on the Sunday. I’ll cover the Saturday games here, and then tomorrow I will cover the Sunday games.

We have two big point spreads on the Sunday which will be interesting. On the Saturday it’s a bit closer.

Let’s get right into the XFL Week 3 Betting Tips:

Roughnecks at Vipers Betting Tips:

The Houston Roughnecks come into this one as one of the more enjoyable teams to watch and the best offensive team in the XFL thus far. They had that great win over the Wildcats 37-17 and then had a great battle against the Battlehawks, winning 28-24.

The Tampa Bay Vipers are 0-2 and are yet to hit double figures this season. They lost 23-3 to the New York Guardians in Week 1 and then lost to the Seattle Dragons 17-9 in Week 2.

The Roughnecks are 6.5 point favourites here.

This is a very odd point spread and one that makes me wonder what the sportsbooks know that I don’t. The best offensive team in the XFL against a team who are yet to score an offensive touchdown and it’s less than 7 points?

I mean Aaron Murray, the QB for the Vipers is out too!

This is one where it is very tempting to go nuts on. However I need to remind you that the XFL is new and that sportsbooks aren’t stupid. They really aren’t. They are not in the business of giving away money.

This is the first home game for the Vipers so maybe that is a factor in it.

I just can’t see anything but a Roughnecks win however. But I will bet with as much caution as I can. If the Roughnecks lose or don’t cover the point spread then I will take my hat off to the sportsbooks.

3u on Roughnecks -6.5.

Renegades at Dragons Betting Tips:

The Dallas Renegades got Landry Jones back and they were a more efficient team. After losing 15-9 to the Battlehawks they bounced back with a big 25-18 win over the LA Wildcats.

The Seattle Dragons are 1-1 for the season. They lost to the DC Defenders who just look excellend and the team to beat this season. They then defeated the inefficient Tampa Bay Vipers.

The point spread for this one has the Dallas Renegades as 4.5 point favourites.

For me, Tampa Bay don’t look good at all. Seattle looked very sloppy in that game and honestly were lucky to even get the win. Considering it was the first start for Landry, I thougth the Renegades looked excellent.

I see this one being another win for the Dallas Renegades. They do have a few issues on defence but the Dragons offense haven’t shown me much. Brandon Silvers has a brutal completion percentage. The Renegades defense was excellent for the majority of the game against the Wildcats. I think they will evolve from that.

3u on the Renegades -4.5.

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