XFL Week 2 Betting Tips: Feb 16, 2020

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A great start to week 2 in the XFL as we went 2-0.

Our first win was with the Defenders -7. That was a weird one as having watched the games last week, I couldn’t believe that line. Then I was reading online and so many people were on the Guardians.

All I kept seeing were “Well the defenders got two defensive TDs”. Yes but did you actually watch the game and see the way they played? See the individual skill they displayed? I honestly believe most people betting or tipping didn’t actually watch the games last week. They just looked up the stat lines.

Anyway that was a super easy one. The DC Defenders waltzed out 27-0 winners. What a disaster Matt mcGloin was for the Guardians.

We also had Dragons +1.5. Not the prettiest game but the Dragons came out 17-9 winners. It had a fun end to the game for sure.

Now we turn our attention to Sunday. Renegades visit LA to take on the Wildcats, and the Battlehawks are the underdogs as they go to Houston.

Let’s get to it:

Renegades at Wildcats Betting Tips:

The Dallas Renegades are 5 point favourites going on the road in this one.

The Renegades were the favourite to win the XFL Championship however had a disappointing performance last week and couldn’t even muster up enough points to match the point spread. They were -9.5 and they lost 15-9 at home to the Battlehawks.

Of course that was primarily down to their QB situation. I took the Battlehawks last week as I expected with Landry Jones out, they would struggle and that was the case.

With him back this week, it will be interesting.

The LA Wildcats last week lost 37-17 to the Houston Roughnecks. Wildcats matched them pretty well initially but then Houston just pulled away.

The Wildcats had their own issues last week at QB and Josh Johnson is now back. They have made quite a few defensive changes although though which is weird and might mess up the team.

There’s a lot of pressure on Landry Jones going into this one. However there was a reason the Renegades were initial favourites. I feel this is the burst to the offense that they need, and with the dysfunction going on in LA, it’s a good spot for them.

1u on Renegades -5

Battlehawks at Roughnecks Betting Tips:

The Battlehawks came out 15-9 winners of the Renegades last week and the Roughnecks were 37-17 winners over the LA Wildcats.

Once the Roughnecks got going, they were hard to stop. PJ Walker looked solid and their defense was fantastic as well.

I love Jonathan Hayes. He’s the Battlehawks coach and is the type of guy that comes off as a hard but fair fatherly figure. Looking forward to seeing more from him going into this one.

Battlehawks look like a scrappy team, however I loved the work of Ta’amu and Walker last week. Houston offense looks like it is on point already.

I think the Roughnecks can take this one. It might be close initially again but then when they get in the zone, they will pull away.

Roughnecks -7.5 for 1u.

And with a bigger play yesterday on the Defenders that will guarantee us another winning weekend in the XFL even if both lose!