XFL Week 4 Betting Tips: Wildcats at Guardians, Dragons at Battlehawks


Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks XFL Betting Tips. Real quick if you are looking for AEW Revolution tips tonight, check out the podcast.

We’re now in Week 4 of the XFL and I have been able to log a whopping three winning weeks so far. Hoping to make it four winning weeks this week.

Last week was a 2-2 week but due to unit sizing we cleaned the clocks of the sportsbooks, with both our 3u plays winning and the losses being 1u.

Our wins were the Roughnecks -6.5 and the Renegades -4.5. The Houston one was very very close but they won by 7pts to cover the spread over the Vipers. The Renegades thumped Seattle 24-12.

We had Over 40 in the York York vs St Louis game and lost by one point as that finished 29-9. I also said I wasn’t ready to write off the Guardians and took them +8. Now I am as they got destroyed 39-9.

Let’s look at Saturdays action:

Wildcats at Guardians Betting Tips:

The LA Wildcats are 7.5 point favourites on the road here.

LA picked up their first win last week. They are 1-2 after that big win over the Defenders. They lost to the two best XFL teams in the Roughnecks and Renegades.

The Guardians wish they could go back to Week 1. They had that 23-3 win over Tampa and felt great then got destroyed by DC and then the Battlehawks.

The Guardians were at home in that week 1 victory and they will be hoping that returning here gets them rolling again.

The big story with the Wildcats is Josh Johnson who is looking solid. He has been a big factor. The Guardians are all over the place with their QB situation. McGloin injured and also issues with him and the head coach.

For the Guardians to win they need their defense to step up big.

It’s a tricky one here. I am not sold on the Wildcats and Josh Johnson like some are. I believe people are just a bit too reactive with the XFL. In saying that, Wildcats will come in with confidence which is important and the Guardians offense is a disaster.

This is one where I almost don’t want to have a play but hey the XFL is just that much more fun with a play.

1u on Wildcats -7.5. Just have to bet against that Guardians offense who can’t get it done.

Dragons at Battlehawks Betting Tips:

The line is 39 points for this one. The Seattle Dragons are 11.5 point underdogs.

Seatle are 1-2 on the season. They put in a good effort in Week 1 when losing to DC, beat the Vipers 17-9 then lost to the Renegades 24-12. It’s tough to see where they are at quality wise at the moment but they’re basically a lower mid-tier team.

The Battlehawks – I’ve talked up their coach before and the atmosphere there. They beat a Landry-less Renegades, had a close game against Houston then won last week of course.

I was quite impressed with the start the Dragons made last week. However I was also very impressed with the home crowd at the Battlehawks game. They could be the difference maker for this team.

This is a tough one. The Battlehawks are going to be a force to reckon with at home but the Dragons don’t look toooo bad. I think the line is just too much skill wise although the home advantage may end up pushing them on to a big W.

Dragons +11.5 for 1u as I feel people are overvaluing the Battlehawks at home.

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