The Biggest Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

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There’s a lot of reasons to go to Las Vegas. Slots. Table Games. Shows. Restaurants. Tourist Attractions.

For everyone who enjoys sports though, the main reason to go to Vegas is to hang out at some of the great sportsbooks!

There’s no other feeling like it; sitting in a massive sportsbook inside a casino while all the sports and betting action goes on around you.

If you’ve ever been to Vegas during the NFL season, March Madness or any other big sporting event you’ll know how busy it gets. That’s why I thought I would compile this list of the 5 biggest sportsbooks in Las Vegas – if you’re there during peak time, you should still have no problem getting a seat.

This is focused on sportsbooks within casinos – not the biggest casinos themselves. Now if you like to do some casino play online, there’s no better place to look than this huge online casino list.

They list practically every online casino you can find, with all the details that are pertinent to you. What countries can play at them, what the bonus is, which casinos have no deposit bonuses etc. One of the biggest online casino sites there is, and if you can’t get a seat in Vegas, that’s the next best option. Also if you are from Singapore, obviously the Marina By Sands Casino is the biggest casino there and is an incredible place to play at. But there are a lot of great options for Singapore players and you can see the Singapore Online Casino Review guide for an example of some.

Here are some of the biggest sportsbooks in Las Vegas featuring the newest and best sportsbook of them all – Circa:

Circa Sportsbook

(Image Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Circa offers the world’s largest sportsbook and they don’t disappoint. It is an incredible sportsbook with three stories and seats over 1,000 people. The TV screens are like multiple movie theatre screens and it is just incredible to see.

There is also a rooftop area to Circa which offers up a multilevel swimming pool. There they have a 40-foot screen to watch the games on, as well as the ability to place bets at poolside kiosks. Of course they do!

Westgate Sportsbook

If you go to Westgate Casino, it’s for their sportsbook. This is an incredible sportsbook that takes up 30,000 square feet. Absolutely incredible LED screens and the atmosphere here is electric. This is usually my stop in Vegas.

They call it “SuperBook” and that is an apt description. It’s very spaced out, and the 4K video wall is 220×18 feet which is just incredible.

Wynn Sportsbook

The sportsbook at the Wynn went under renovations which were badly needed; it almost felt like an afterthought.

Now it is an excellent place with comfortable seating and is set up for both races and sports. It offers a great community aspect to it so you feel you are part of a live crowd.

They’ve also got an excellent food selection with Charlie’s Bar & Grill in there – they’ve gone with the whole tailgate twist to it with some incredible food. Like most sportsbooks in Vegas, you don’t need to place a bet to go and enjoy the games.

Caesars Palace Sportsbook

Of course one of the most prestigious casinos on the strip is Caesars Palace, and if it’s privacy you’re going for this is the place for you. They offer a combination of community seating where you are sitting beside everyone else enjoying the games, and various private booths.

You can see why this sportsbook is a multiple-time winner as the best Vegas sportsbook by Review-Journal. The booths are great if you’re following Vin’s MLB tips; somewhere private to sit and cry.

The Linq

The Book at the Linq gets an honorary mention due to how different it is; you place your bets via the app. Then you sit as a group in your very own fan cave, which offers up multiple televisions.

Of course, no fan cave is complete without food and bottle service and that’s what The Linq offers. Something very different and well recommended.

Many of these places will take reservations for the VIP or private areas so it is worth checking that out. For the community seating, it is usually first to come get the seat. On those NFL days, be sure to get there early!