Lawro Audit 2: EPL Week 1

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The 2016-’17 English Premier League season is upon us, which means we’ve got another season of Mark Lawreson’s amazing predictions to go with it. Now, hopefully you followed this series last season, but I also hope that you didn’t follow Mark Lawrenson’s predictions, because, as we expected, Lawro ended up last year with a crushing loss, even though he got off to a great start. What was the problem with Lawro last year? Well, last season he refused to get on the Leicester City bandwagon, and was constantly tipping them to lose, even when they were closing in on the title. He also seemed to tip Liverpool to win ever single week, and we all know that didn’t happen. Lawro just seemed to fail to see any of the trends that were happening throughout the season. But hopefully this season things will be different.

What news have we got this year? Well, we have Pep, Jose and Conte newly in charge of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea repsectively. Arsene and Ranieri are still in charge at Arsenal and Leicester, and Paul Pogba is the world’s most expensive player. But it was Leicester City that were still on everyone’s lips, and there’s been no news that can even compare to that during the close season. We had Euro 2016, but let’s be honest, it was always the started when it comes to the English Premier League season. Yeah, international matches are great, but domestic football is where it’s at for us. Plus, we have Lawro back!

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Hull vs Leicester

Lawro Prediction: Leicester win 2-0

Leicester win price: 9/10

Correct score price: 15/2

Burnley vs Swansea

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 9/4

Correct score price: 11/2

Crystal Palace vs West Brom

Lawro Prediction: Crystal Palace win 2-1

Crystal Palace win price: 23/20

Correct score price: 10/1

Everton vs Tottenham

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price:11/2

Middlesbrough vs Stoke

Lawro Prediction: Middlesbrough win 1-0

Middlesbrough win price: 5/4

Correct score price: 5/1

Southampton vs Watford

Lawro Prediction: Southampton win 2-1

Southampton win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 8/1

Manchester City vs Sunderland

Lawro Prediction: Manchester City win 2-0

Manchester City win price: 1/4

Correct score price: 13/2

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Bournemouth vs Manchester United

Lawro Prediction: Manchester United win 2-0

Manchester United win price: 3/4

Correct score price: 7/1

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price: 11/2

Chelsea vs West Ham

Lawro Prediction: Chelsea win 2-0

Chelsea win price: 1/2

Correct score price: 13/2

So, there we have Mark Lawrenson’s first predictions for the 2016-’17 season, and he’s not really going for any shocks. I’m even a bit surprised he didn’t go for a Liverpool win over Arsenal. And, amazingly, he’s finally on board the Leicester City bandwagon, although it took them winning the title for him to do so. Yeah, he’s a little bit late, but it doesn’t matter. I’m looking forward to seeing how Lawro gets on this year, after the shenanigans and shocks of last season.

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