Lawro Audit: BPL Week 34

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Well, it’s the last week of the season, and all the important things have been settled, more or less. Yes, we’ve known for a couple of weeks now that Leicester City are the EPL champions this season, which is still weird to write, I have to be honest. It’s also still weird reading it. But as well as knowing who are the champions, three out of the four Champions League spots have been decided, with Tottenham and Arsenal joining the Foxes in Europe’s premier competition. Now, it’s a battle between Manchester clubs for the final place in the Champion League. Manchester City are in the driver’s seat, and only need a draw to claim the final place (unless Manchester United win by 19 goals or more). The Europa League is still to be decided, too, and West Ham’s huge win on Tuesday over Manchester United helped their cause no end. But most importantly, we know who will be joining Aston Villa in the Championship next season, and those two teams are Newcastle United and Norwich City. There was no miracle escape for Norwich, even though they beat Watford 4-2 on Wednesday night. So, there’s very little to play for for most of the teams in the EPL this season, other than pride and some prize money. Not that we should scoff at that, of course, but, hey there’s going to be a lot of teams thinking about their end of season parties and trips to the beach instead of the game at hand, no doubt about it.

Remember that we have a full round of fixtures this weekend, and they are, as usual, going to be played on Sunday, just in case you tune in to Soccer Saturday and are left sorely disappointed with the few games on offer (although Derby vs Hull should be a cracker!).

And as we approach the last weekend of the EPL season, all eyes yet again turn to Mark Lawrenson, and his predictions. I’m sure he’s loved all the attention his predictions have been getting, and it’s safe to say that after a decent start, it all went wrong for Lawro, with some crippling losses. But he did win us almost 20 units last week, so two more big showings and he might get us into profit, or at least close to it. And did he get a big showing last week? Well, it wasn’t a losing week, that’s the most important thing. But was it as big a week as last week? Unfortunately not. But he still managed to get us a profit of 2.45 units, which is quite a respectable result as we approach the end of the season. So that puts us at a loss of -43.65 units, which is still shockingly bad for Lawro, given that he’s meant to be the predictions god. Now, he might still pull a winning season out of the bag if he can cop several correct scores, but given his track record this season, it’s not likely. In fact, I think the best that Lawro can hope for is that we don’t riot due to these losses.

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Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Lawro Prediction: Arsenal win 3-0

Arsenal win price: 1/6

Correct score price: 13/2

Chelsea vs Leicester

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 11/4

Correct score price: 13/2

Everton vs Norwich

Lawro Prediction: Everton win 2-1

Everton win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 8/1

Manchester United vs Bournemouth

Lawro Prediction: Manchester United win 2-0

Manchester United win price: 2/5

Correct score price: 7/1

Newcastle vs Tottenham

Lawro Prediction: Tottenham win 2-1

Tottenham win price: 5/6

Correct score price: 8/1

Southampton vs Crystal Palace

Lawro Prediction: Southampton win 2-0

Southampton win price: 1/3

Correct score price: 11/2

Stoke vs West Ham

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 13/5

Correct score price: 6/1

Swansea vs Manchester City

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 15/4

Correct score price: 17/2

Watford vs Sunderland

Lawro Prediction: Watford win 2-1

Watford win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 8/1

West Brom vs Liverpool

Lawro Prediction: West Brom win 2-1

West Brom win price: 7/5

Correct score price: 9/1

So that’s the last lot of Lawro predictions for the EPL this season. I want to thank you for coming back and checking out the Lawro Audit this season. I have no doubt Lawro will not thank us for auditing his tips every weekend this season, as they have, for the most part, been a disaster. Now, Lawro could turn things around this week, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, as he’s not really going out on a limb here, is he? Still, if he can get a decent amount of correct scores, it will be a fitting way for the great Mark Lawrenson to bow out of this EPL season, and it would also be a bigger shock than Leicester City winning the league!

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