Lawro Audit: FA Cup Special 2

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It’s another FA Cup weekend, which, to be honest, doesn’t bothered me too much. The value of the FA Cup has long diminished, with the fact that you can never tell who’s going to be playing for any side right up until the kick-off a real problem. I mean, seriously, when there’s talk of Burnley putting out a weakened side to concentrate on their promotion charge, it becomes a bit boring. In fact, I’m sure Arsenal only started fielding a really strong side in the very last stages of last year’s FA Cup. Still, what is important here is that Mark Lawrenson is doing predictions for this weekend’s FA Cup fixtures. Now, we have missed the kick off for the Derby vs Manchester United, but he got the prediction wrong, anyway, so you know what, we’re going to count it towards his total. It’s nice sometimes to take a break from the English Premiership action, anyway, so let’s at least take a chance to look at some sides we don’t pay too much attention to from the lower divisions. Maybe Colchester will cause the upset of the round, or maybe Oxford can continue their FA Cup journey. Whatever happens, there is likely to be at least one story coming out of this weekend’s FA Cup fixtures.

And just because this is an FA Cup week, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to let Lawro off the hook when it comes to his predictions. Yes, how did Mark Lawrenson got on last week with his predictions for the English Premiship? In a word – shockingly. Seriously, Lawro managed to get 2 results correct and no correct scores. It was a poor showing from the so-called expert. In fact, he even got the Liverpool result wrong. Yes, for a man who tips Liverpool to win almost every week, he went for a draw, and Liverpool actually won. Lawro managed to correctly predict wins for Tottenham and Leicester… and that was it. He didn’t even get one of the correct scores. So, yeah, not a great week for the so-called prediction legend that is Mark Lawrenson, eh? And where does that leave us in terms of profit and loss? Well, he lost -15.8 units last week, which is just a bit too much of a crippling loss. That takes our loss for the season to -70.82 units Ugh, it’s not looking good, is it? But, hey, because it’s FA Cup weekend, Lawro has a plethora of games to get some correct scores and some big money. If he doesn’t, he might have to rethink his careers as a legendary prediction marker.

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Derby vs Manchester United

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: N/A

Correct score price: N/A

Colchester vs Tottenham

Lawro Prediction: Tottenham win 2-0

Tottenham win price: 4/11

Correct score price: 13/2

Arsenal vs Burnley

Lawro Prediction: Arsenal win 2-0

Arsenal win price: 2/5

Correct score price: 11/2

Aston Villa vs Manchester City

Lawro Prediction: Manchester City win 2-0

Manchester City win price: 3/4

Correct score price: 7/1

Bolton vs Leeds

Lawro Prediction: Leeds win 2-1

Leeds win price: 17/10

Correct score price: 9/1

Bury vs Hull

Lawro Prediction: Hull win 2-1

Hull win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 15/2

Crystal Palace vs Stoke

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price: 5/1

Nottingham Forest vs Watford

Lawro Prediction: Watford win 1-0

Watford win price: 8/5

Correct score price: 6/1

Oxford vs Blackburn

Lawro Prediction: Blackburn win 2-1

Blackburn win price: 21/10

Correct score price: 10/1

Portsmouth vs Bournemouth

Lawro Prediction: Bournemouth win 2-1

Bournemouth win price: 5/4

Correct score price: 8/1

Reading vs Walsall

Lawro Prediction: Reading win 2-0

Reading win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 7/1

Shrewsbury vs Sheffield Wednesday

Lawro Prediction: Sheffield Wednesday win 2-0

Sheffield Wednesday win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 17/2

West Brom vs Peterborough

Lawro Prediction: West Brom win 2-0

West Brom win price: 4/6

Correct score price: 13/2

Liverpool vs West Ham

Lawro Prediction: Liverpool win 2-1

Liverpool win price: 11/10

Correct score price: 8/1

Carlisle vs Everton

Lawro Prediction: Everton win 2-1

Everton win price: 1/2

Correct score price: 7/1

MK Dons vs Chelsea

Lawro Prediction: Chelsea win 2-0

Chelsea win price: 1/3

Correct score price: 9/2

No real shocks predicted by Lawro. Well, his one shock prediction, a draw between Derby and Manchester United was clearly wrong. But no upsets elsewhere, so he’s playing it very safe. But maybe it’s the best way for Lawro to play it If you think it is, place your bets at Bet365 through the link below, where you will get up to £200 free and place a bet on the game prior to kick-off on the correct score, half-time/full-time or scorecast market, and if the game ends 0-0 you will get your stake refunded, which is always nice.

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