Lawro Audit – FA Cup Special

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This week on the Lawro Audit, we’ve got a real treat for you. Since the weekend is dominated by FA Cup fixtures, the legend Mark Lawrenson, has decided to make predictions for all 32 games this weekend. Not a feat for a mere mortal, which is why Lawro truly is a God amongst men. But can we expect a lot of shocks and surprises from Lawro’s FA Cup predictions? Well, you will have to read on to find out, and also look out for some really tasty prices on offer for some of the FA Cup games this week. In fact, there’s on Premiership side away to a League Two side that are odds-against, as well as a Championship side against a Non-League team that are odds-against, too, which truly is value, even if those sides might not be the greastest. But all will be revealed soon.

Now, last week, Lawro had a decent week when it came to predicting winners. Yeah, he managed to get 7 winners out of 10, and if Manchester City hadn’t pulled off the late, late show, he would have been on for an 80% successful week when it came down to the winners. Of course, Lawro being Lawro, he managed to correctly predict 0 correct scores, which didn’t do much to help us get into profit. In fact, because so many of his predicted winners were odds-on, we still managed to make a loss of -2.76 units, which takes Lawro’s season’s total to -18.22 units, and unless he does well over the FA Cup weekend, that loss could skyrocket, as we’ve got 32 games, which means 64 predictions in total.

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Now, let’s look at Mark Lawrenson’s predictions for this FA Cup weekend, as well as the prices for each prediction.

Exeter vs Liverpool

Lawro Prediction: Liverpool win 2-1

Liverpool win price: 13/20

Correct score price: 15/2

Wycombe vs Aston Villa

Lawro Prediction: Aston Villa win 2-0

Aston Villa win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 15/2

Everton vs Dagenham & Redbridge

Lawro Prediction: Everton win 2-0

Everton win price: 1/5

Correct score price: 8/1

Oxford vs Swansea

Lawro Prediction: Swansea win 1-0

Swansea win price: 1/1

Correct score price: 6/1

Doncaster vs Stoke

Lawro Prediction: Stoke win 2-1

Stoke win price: 19/20

Correct score price: 15/2

Manchester United vs Sheffield United

Lawro Prediction: Manchester United win 2-0

Manchester United win price: 1/3

Correct score price: 5/1

Chelsea vs Scunthorpe

Lawro Prediction: Chelsea win 3-0

Chelsea win price: 2/9

Correct score price: 13/2

Birmingham vs Bournemouth

Lawro Prediction: Birmingham win 2-1

Birmingham win price: 13/5

Correct score price: 8/1

West Brom vs Bristol City

Lawro Prediction: West Brom win 2-0

West Brom win price: 4/6

Correct score price: 6/1

West Ham vs Wolves

Lawro Prediction: Wolves win 2-1

Wolves win price: 4/1

Correct score price: 14/1

Arsenal vs Sunderland

Lawro Prediction: Arsenal win 2-0

Arsenal win price: 1/4

Correct score price: 6/1

Norwich vs Manchester City

Lawro Prediction: Manchester City win 2-1

Manchester City win price: 3/4

Correct score price: 7/1

Southampton vs Crystal Palace

Lawro Prediction: Southampton win 2-1

Southampton win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 15/2

Watford vs Newcastle

Lawro Prediction: Watford win 2-0

Watford win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 15/2

Tottenham vs Leicester

Lawro Prediction: Tottenham win 2-0

Tottenham win price: 4/6

Correct score price: 13/2

Eastleigh vs Bolton

Lawro Prediction: Bolton win 2-0

Bolton win price: 13/10

Correct score price: 10/1

Hartlepool vs Derby

Lawro Prediction: Derby win 2-0

Derby win price: 1/2

Correct score price: 11/2

Ipswich vs Portsmouth

Lawro Prediction: Ipswich win 2-0

Ipswich win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 8/1

Newport vs Blackburn

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 11/4

Correct score price: 11/2

Northampton vs MK Dons

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price: 5/1

Brentford vs Walsall

Lawro Prediction: Brentford win 2-0

Brentford win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 8/1

Colchester vs Charlton

Lawro Prediction: Charlton win 2-1

Charlton win price: 15/8

Correct score price: 9/1

Peterborough vs Preston North End

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price: 5/1

Cardiff vs Shrewsbury

Lawro Prediction: Cardiff win 3-0

Cardiff win price: 8/11

Correct score price: 12/1

Huddersfield vs Reading

Lawro Prediction: Reading win 2-1

Reading win price: 2/1

Correct score price: 10/1

Hull vs Brighton

Lawro Prediction: Hull win 2-0

Hull win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 6/1

Leeds vs Rotherham

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 13/5

Correct score price: 11/2

Middlesbrough vs Burnley

Lawro Prediction: Middlesbrough win 2-0

Middlesbrough win price: 1/1

Correct score price: 7/1

Nottingham Forest vs QPR

Lawro Prediction: Nottingham Forest to win 2-1

Nottingham Forest win price: 5/4

Correct score price: 8/1

Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham

Lawro Prediction: Sheffield Wednesday win 2-0

Sheffield Wednesday win price: 17/20

Correct score price: 8/1

Bury vs Bradford

Lawro Prediction: Bury win 2-1

Bury win price: 7/4

Correct score price: 9/1

Carlisle vs Yeovil

Lawro Prediction: Carlisle win 2-0

Carlisle win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 9/1

So, as you can see, a healthy glut of predictions, and not really any major shocks on the cards in Lawro’s predictions. Although I guess Birmingham beating Bournemouth would be considered a minor shock, as would Wolves beating West Ham. But, as always, it depends on the strength of the sides the bigger clubs put out. I mean, if Garde puts out a full-strength Aston Villa team, they’re going to route Wycombe, and the price could end up looking astronomical. It’s the same with Bolton – it’s still Championship against Non-League, regardless of how poor Bolton have been of late.

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