Sitting Down With The Bookies: 2 Weeks In One

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Unfortunately we missed last weeks chat with Sports Interaction. That was our fault – we did sit down and talk with them but unfortunately due to time constraints we were unable to post it.

So this week we are combining both week 11 and 12 together. Also if you’ve never read these before – basically we get things from the bookmakers POV. We sit down with the guys who make the lines, the guys who run the book and ask them how things went for them in the previous week sports wise, with a major focus on the NFL.

Let’s get to it.

Let’s Cover Week 11 first. How was it?

A fair week. We won, the players won – everyone was happy. Nice to have a more relaxing week like that.

And Week 12?

Pretty much the same. Been a good couple of weeks.

Where have the Punters Been Winning?

In Week 11, it was the Packers. Beating and covering the spread against the Eagles. Packers are always a public team and they just killed it.

Last week the big one was the Colts covering over the Jaguars. The point spread was -14.5 but that didn’t scare off the punters. They went on that one like white on rice. Colts were looking horrible to start too but then they dominated like crazy.

And Best Results for Bookies?

Broncos 2 weeks ago. No-one saw them losing to St Louis and yet it happened. That was a major, major shock as Broncos are also a big public team with Peyton.

Last week it was Chiefs vs Raiders. Betting against teams like the Jaguars and Raiders is almost an automatic bet these days. Another massive shock there as people went in big on the Chiefs and it didn’t work out.

How has NBA been?

Funny to see how things trend. These days it’s all about betting against the Lakers – years ago it was betting ON the Lakers. Everyone is fading them and betting against them night in, night out.

How about NHL?

Everyone is betting against the Oilers and we don’t blame them. Of course that’s not a shock as we see a lot of action against Edmonton.

And College Football?

We saw a ton of action in two games: Florida State vs Miami, and Alabama vs Mississippi State. These two games got a ton of action – you can see everyone is more into college ball what with the playoffs coming up.

Any Massive Winners recently?

A couple of weeks ago we saw a big 60/1 winner. It was a parlay involving the Bulls to win the first half by a specific margin, Ducks to beat Kings, USC game to over AND for USC to cover the point spread. Quite the mixture of picks and it came up.

Last week we saw a huge 95/1 bet come in. It had let’s see – Suns -2 over the Pacers, New Orleans -3 over the Jazz, then half time/full time bets on Serie A and EPL. All of that worked out for a nice 95-1. It was purely based on the soccer bets that the price got so high.

Thanksgiving This Week. How’s the Action?

Everyones betting on the Thanksgiving games no surprise; that’s always the case. Seahawks are +1.5 against the 9ers and getting most of the action – but there’s enough people betting on the 9ers we are not concerned.

Broncos against Chiefs we’re seeing a ton on Broncos -1.5, as well as Giants over the Jaguars. The big game is the Packers vs Patriots of course, and Packers are currently -3 as of this writing. Most of the money is going on Tom Brady so far.