Sitting Down With The Bookies: Divisional Playoffs 2014/2015

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It’s a big, big week in the NFL as we head into the playoffs.

We have 4 massive games as we find out what 4 teams will move on and be one step closer to the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl.

In this big week, we decided to sit down with our friends over at Sports Interaction and have a chat with them about the week, with a strong focus of course on the Divisional Playoffs.

Let’s get to it:

8 Teams Left – Who’s Winning The Super Bowl?

If you’re going by the betting odds, then that will be the Seattle Seahawks. They are the favourites at +180 to win back to back Super Bowls, the first since well – a decade ago, when the New England Patriots did it. Speaking of the Patriots they are +310, while the Broncos and Packers are both at +550. If you’re dreaming of a back to back superbowl matchup of the Broncos vs Seahawks, you can get on that at +410.

Is There A Lot Of Action On The Seahawks?

There is – but there’s a lot of action on all of the other teams as well. I mean the favourites have all been public teams all year so that’s where all the action is. There’s no concern about any long shot bets winning and really hurting us. It’s a nice well balanced book.

Where’s The Action This Week?

It’s actually quite nicely balanced. When we opened the lines, the most action went on the Colts at +7. We had to tweak the juice a bit and that balanced that line again. What’s interesting is a LOT of action on Carolina, who are +10.5 against the Seahawks. We think that’s less based on Carolina, and more based on just such a big point spread at this point of the season.

We feel that of the four road teams, the Ravens are the teams that could upset and we’re expecting some action on them closer to the game. They’re +7. Packers -6 against Cowboys isn’t a very attractive line, and we’re seeing a lot of balance on that one.

Any Big Winners This Week?

We had a hockey punter pick an impressive 2-fold parlay at 322/1 odds. Think of that one. Just 2 picks, and 322/1. Of course the picks were quite hard. We correctly predicted the correct score for the second period in both the Nashville Predators vs Anaheim Ducks game, and the Dallas Stars vs Chicago Blackhawks game.

How Was The World Juniors?

Being a Canadian book we received a TON of action on Canada vs Russia, and we lost a fair amount on it. But then again – being Canadian, we didn’t mind losing too much!

How’s the NBA Action?

As always – they liked to bet on the Raptors. However we saw a lot of action on the west, with the two biggest games being the Thunder vs Warriors and Grizzlies vs Lakers.