Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 14/15 Week 5, CFL & MLB

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It’s that time of week again – where we sit down with the online sportsbook Sports Interaction and talk to them about the previous week in sports – with a strong focus on the NFL.

The bookies have been winning so far this season, based off of the first two weeks of the 2014/2015 NFL Season with so many underdogs winning.

Let’s see how things went this previous week:

How Did The Punters Do?

It was mostly a good week for the bettors.

The big loss for them was the Patriots vs Bengals game. The media were rampant this week on bashing Tom Brady and acting as if he was dead and buried – and this clearly swayed the bettors. The majority of the money went on the Bengals and then of course the Patriots upset them by not just covering the spread, but winning the game in a big result.

Note that for betting lines in the future, it’s doubtful you’ll see many people going against the Patriots again, so that will affect the lines.

Overall though it was a very good week for the betting public. They started it strong with the Green Bay Packers. Just as predicted – it was a domination by the Packers, and an easy, easy win for the majority of the punters out there who backed Aaron Rodgers.

The Seahawks and Broncos also delivered for the betting public. The other big upset in the NFL was the Bills beating Detroit, but that was generally a mixed amount of betting on both sides, and a lot of the public just plain stayed away from that one.

Any Teams Standing Out Against The Spread?

The Chargers are, that’s for sure. They’re currently perfect against the spread after 5 weeks, but we expect people to start fading the Chargers soon. However that most likely won’t happen this week – Chargers are in Oakland, and the bookies are expecting people to ride the Chargers at least one more week.

Jaguars are also perfect in regard to the spread – they’re yet to cover one of them yet, and are 0-5 ATS.

What Stands Out for NFL Week 6?

The Broncos for sure. With Tom Brady silencing the media, all the talk is about the Jets and their QB Situation. Everyone is taking this and lumping on the Broncos. The line started at 7 and has already moved to -8.5 and is going to move further probably.

More action is going on Packers, Patriots and the Bengals – many expect the Bengals to have a big bounce back week. But it’s Denver for sure that everyone is betting.

How was the CFL This Week?

Not good – for the bookies. The biggest game was the Stampeders vs the Roughriders, and there was a ton of action on it. Calgary were favourites by 6 points, and they managed to cover by exactly one point. In hindsight, the 7.5 line would be better there – but tough to place on a team on the road.

Baseball Playoff Betting:

It’s actually been very interesting to watch – what happened during the regular season does not seem to matter this year when it comes to the playoffs. So even though during the regular season the Nationals and the Dodgers are the teams that get the action – in the playoffs, it’s mostly been the Giants and Cardinals so far.

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