Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 2014/2015 Week 2

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Every week during the NFL season, we’ll be sitting down with the online bookmarkers from to ask them just how the previous week went.

We talk directly with the men that set the lines – the men that make you swear at those half points that cost you – the linesmakers themselves. We get valuable insight from them as to how they did the previous week, and we can learn things that we can use to apply to our own betting.

In Week 1 of the NFL, it was a great week for the bookies. Were they busy celebrating yet again in Week 2? Let’s find out as we sit down to chat with the bookmakers:

“The Week from Hell”:

This was the term coined for Week 2 in the 2014/2015 season by the media. Ray Rice and Adrian Petersons antics off the field, and then so many injuries on the field. It’s not a week that the NFL will look back on fondly.

It’s a week however that the sportsbooks will look back on with a smile on their face. All the bad press covered the fact that the sportsbooks had a huge week with a whopping 10 underdog wins. And all of the big games that took the most action went the bookies way.

It Should Settle Down Soon:

Despite two weeks in a row with the underdogs getting the wins, the bookies expect it to settle down soon. Week 3 and Week 4 is where it should start getting closer to the 50/50 percentage we usually always see, so the bookies are expecting to see more favourites cover in the coming weeks.

Broncos Again:

The Broncos were yet another win for the bookies this week. Last week, they let the Colts back in the game and the Colts covered the +7.5 gap by a whopping half a point. This week the Broncos were held close by the Kansas City Chiefs, with only a touchdown separating the teams. With the point spread being in double figures, the bookies got to enjoy a nice easy underdog win there.

Clevelands surprising 26-24 victory over the Saints was another big win for the bookies – especially considering how many parlays and accumulators there would be involving the Saints who couldn’t even cover the spread, never mind win the game.

Looking at Week 3:

A lot of early points movers. The Ravens opened as a PK against the Cleveland Browns but the punters obviously don’t believe the Browns can recapture the magic. That one has already moved to -2, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it jump to -3.5 if the money keeps coming in on the Ravens.

Another big line change was the Panthers – they started at -3 and moved to -3.5 against the Steelers. A half point may not seem like much but moving off the 3 point mark is a big one that you rarely see – so clearly a lot of action going on there for Carolina.

The Jets are also starting to attract attention after their great performance by the Packers. Opening at -1.5 they’ve already moved to -2.5 against the Chicago Bears. The injury to Charles Tillman was massive for the Bears, and they believe is also contributing to the line change.

Thanks as always to for being very open with us and giving us this valuable insight.