Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 2015 Week 1

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With the NFL season returning, it’s time to get back to one of our regular features here at Sitting Down with the Bookies.

In this regular weekly segment, we talk exclusively with online sportsbooks and get their take on the week that was, as well as a look at the week ahead. This is a great way to know where the money is going, as well as get in-depth about the linesmakers thoughts on why they set a line a specific way.

This week, we are talking with our good friends over at Sports Interaction. They are Canadas #1 Sportsbook (See why) and based on that, you see more of a Canadian influence on their lines.

Always makes it interesting during hockey season when Leafs etc are -150 to win there, and +100 elsewhere!

Let’s get to talking:

Biggest Game of the Week?

No surprise for a lot of reasons – but the biggest action at the moment is on the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the New England Patriots. A lot of reasons for that of course – it being the first game of the season, and featuring two massive teams like the Steelers and the Patriots.

We set the line for this one at -7 and we’ve been really happy so far with the action and how well it is balancing.

A lot of people are thinking Brady will be out for revenge due to the whole Deflategate thing – but there’s only so much you can do alone. With such a weak secondary and a Steelers offense who love to pass – this could be a long night for the Patriots.

What Else Has Action?

In the big rivalry it’s Packers vs Bears. Packers opened at -5.5 but already moved to -6.5 and we think it might hit -7. Very interesting one. Packers of course probably should have beat the Seahawks last year. Bears also don’t look to be good at all. But the Packers are always slow starters and with Nelson out? If this one goes to 7 points we’re all over the Bears.

Two road favourites are also getting a lot of action. The Dolphins -3.5 against Washington are getting a lot. Lot of hype for the Dolphins obviously. We’re seeing a lot of money on the Philadelphia Eagles -3 which is something we can’t really figure out – we actually like the Falcons there.

How’s Baseball?

Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays. As you know – Canadians make up most of our player base. So every week we are taking a pounding as people keep betting the Blue Jays. But hey nothing we can do but enjoy Blue Jays fever!

The Return of College Football:

It was a very solid weekend back. All of the action was on Ohio State at Virginia Tech. Interesting that because all of the hype was going towards Utah vs Michigan but it just didn’t get the betting action going. I mean for comparisons sake – that one had the same action as Michigan State vs Western Michigan.

And here’s one for you: keep an eye on Notre Dame. +2000 to win it all next year and after the way they played against the Longhorns? I think that’s value.