Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL Week 15, Mumps in the NHL

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It’s our favourite time of the week here at – when we sit down with the awesome guys from the online sportsbook Sports Interaction and ask them how their week was.

We get valuable insights and also get some fun information. Even funner when the information is that the book got killed!

What Hurt You The Most Last Week in the NFL?

Cardinals by far. They’re unreal – we like to call them the NFLs “Cool Hand Lukes”. They lose Palmer, Staunton and now we have Lindley at the Seahawks. Yet the Rams, who have been incredible on defense the past couple of weeks, just couldn’t handle them.

And Who Was The Bookies Favourite?

The Bills. That’s twice they’ve been our favoured team. They’ve covered the spread against two massive public teams in the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers and that’s just stunning everyone.

Where Is The Value At The Moment?

Best team in the league at the moment are the Patriots. If you’re looking at ATS, you should look at Cardinals and the Chiefs who are both 10-4 against the spread. It’s interesting that the public don’t follow them considering that record. Of course this week we can understand not betting them – I mean it wouldn’t surprise us if the Cardinals bus driver shows up this weekend to play at quarterback.

And the Chiefs after the Colts blew them away last season, we’ve just never seen the action on them again. But what’s interesting is the Patriots, 11-3 record and 9-5 ATS just are not getting as much action as you’d think.

What’s the Public On This Week?

Well the Patriots are getting the action this week – a lot more than the past few weeks. Patriots -10 is the big play but have to wonder if that’s more because it’s against the Jets. Broncos -3 we’re seeing a lot of early action, and the Steelers -3 against the aforementioned Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers are -10.5 against the Bucs which is a huge number, but we’re still seeing a lot of action on one of the publics most favourite teams.

After the past two weeks, the Bills are -6 against the Raiders and getting a lot of action.

Mumps in the NHL; How’s that Affecting Things?

Well the highest profile NHL player is Sidney Crosby, and he went down with the mumps over the last week. That affects the odds. It usually doesn’t affect the odds when we put them out, but we do have to change them as it affects the betting patterns. Crosby being in or out we see a lot of people waiting for that, then if he is in or out that game will get more action.

He’s On A Poor Streak. Does It Affect His Player Props?

Slightly. I mean bad streak or not – he’s Sidney Crosby. Usually he’s around +125 to score anytime in a game, but his odds have drifted to +150 and even +175. That’s about as high as it will go no matter how bad he’s playing.

Right now the hottest stars odd wise are Ovechkin at around +100 each night due to the action he gets, and Stamkos as well also around +100. What’s interesting is there is value on some players lighting it up – Nash and Seguin are both around +150 to +190 each night and they’re killing it.

Thanks as always to Sports Interaction.