Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL Week 6 & NHL

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Prior to a big Week 7 in the NFL, we’re going to sit down with the bookies and chat about how the last week went for them.

No doubt it was an interesting week. Was the Cowboys beating the Seahawks huge for the bookies? How did the Packers last minute touchdown affect things? And of course the NHL season is back and up and running – let’s get some insight into all of that.

Who got killed the – the Bookies or the Punters?

None, really. It was an interesting week that was really break-even for either side.

It went to both extremes. The games we won? We killed it, absolutely killed it. The games that we lost however? We got absolutely slaughtered. You can write that – slaughtered. That’s really what it was.

Biggest Upset of the Week – Cowboys beating the Seahawks.

That it was, that it was. However it didn’t really affect the sportsbooks as much. A lot of people shied away from that one. You’d expect the Hawks to get a lot of the money but it really didn’t happen.

You can see why too. Are you really going to bet against the Seahawks in Seattle? No, of course not. But what about the point spread? 9 points is a lot of points to give. And the Cowboys have been surging as of late.

It was one of those games where people just stayed away from, and we didn’t make too much.

Good Teams for the Punters:

This week, the bettors made the most money off the Patriots, Colts and the 49ers. The Patriots was a nice easy win for them, and the 49ers got a lot of action being Monday Night Football, and Kaepernick delivered.

Probably would have been a slightly better week for the bookies if not for Rodgers and that touchdown at the death.

Good Teams for the Bookies:

Raiders and Browns.

Raiders looked like they didn’t have a hope in hell against the Chargers but they were able to cover the spread and that surprised a lot of people.

Browns struggle against the Steelers big time – everyone expected the Steelers to bounce back huge against the Browns and bet accordingly. After that display we don’t expect the Steelers to see much action for the rest of the season betting wise, and will adjust lines accordingly.

How’s the NHL?

Great. It’s going in favour of the bettors at the moment – but that’s often the case this early in the season. We’re seeing a lot more action on it than previous season.

Any Huge Wins This Week?

2 really big parlays that hurt us in the NHL.

The first one was a 4-fold parlay that paid out at 25/1, and another one was a 32/1 treble. It had the Penguins beating the Leafs and Canucks beating the Oilers. Both were favoured but the big one was the Islanders beating the Hurricanes that added to it.

Where’s the Action This Week?

Colts. All the money is going towards the Colts who are playing the Bengals. Also a lot of faith in the Seahawks bouncing back, and we’re seeing a ton of action on both sides for Chiefs vs Chargers.