The Lawro Audit: BPL Week 18

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Merry Christmas to all of the followers of Lawro, young and old, no matter who or what you believe in, as long as you’re a believer in the power of Mark Lawrenson as the world’s greatest predictor of the English Premiship. Of course, not that any of us at Sport Betting Tips actually believes that, but it’s a fun gimmick to have, isn’t it? You can tell my demeanour has changed towards the once great man now we’re over the initial fun of the start of the novelty of Lawro actually making us some money. But we’ll get onto that shortly. I better quick recap last week – Leicester won again, Manchester United and Manchester City lost, Chelsea won quite convincingly, and we all had a good laugh at Liverpool on the Sunday.

Now, I mentioned Lawro suffering a bit of a downturn more so than usual last week. He managed to correctly predict two winners, and one of them was Chelsea at home to Sunderland at a paltry 1-4. He gets little to no credit for that. But, to be fair, he predicted Arsenal’s 2-1 over Manchester City, and the Arsenal win paid 11/8, while the correct score was a nice 9/1. Not that those wins get out out of the whole, mind you. In fact, we still managed to lose 6.38 units. So our loss is now accumulating, and we have now lost -12.13 units. Needless to say, we are not amused by this. But he just needs to cop a few correct scores and he’s back into the profit. Although judging by his terrible ‘system’, I’m not holding out too much hope!

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Stoke vs Manchester United

The 12:45 kickoff is interesting, purely because this could signal the end of Van Gaal if he doesn’t get a result here. What a nice Christmastime that would be for the Dutchman, getting the boot after losing to Stoke. And if Stoke can play how they did against Manchester City, United will end up on the losing end here. But does Lawro thing the United ship will be steadied this Boxing Day? No. He’s going for a 1-1 to start out Boxing Day action. The draw pays 9/4 and the correct score pays 11/2. Yeah, that’s the boring, sensible Lawro prediction. If you want to waste that tenner your granny gave you Christmas, then chuck it on 1-1.

Aston Villa vs West Ham

It’ll be a Christmas miracle if this game is any good. I feel sorry for anyone going to Villa Park on Boxing Day to watch this. But what misery is Lawro predicting for us? He thinks it’s going to be another 1-1 draw for Aston Villa, on the back of their draw with Newcastle. The draw pays 9/4 and the correct score pays 11/2. This, for me, is like a tombola. Just write some correct scores down on scraps of paper, chuck them in a bill, pull one out blind and chuck a tenner on it. Or follow Lawro.

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

A game to get excited about, weirdly enough. Attacking teams, one with a leaky defence, it almost makes the misery of sitting through the ‘highlights’ of Aston Villa and West Ham bearable. Well, Lawro is finally getting on-board the Crystal Palace train and is predicting a 2-1 win for the Eagles. I don’t blame him, really, they’re playing great football and having some big results. The Crystal Palace win pays a huge 21/10 and the correct score pays a whopping 11/1. Hopefully this is the one that gets Lawro back on track and into the profit.

Chelsea vs Watford

Another decent chance for Chelsea’s resurgence to continue. It’s not that Watford are bad, far from it, but this is the test of if it was Mourinho or the players, because recently you’d fancy Watford to get at least a point, but on paper Chelsea should be putting a few past Watford normally. Lawro thinks normal service will be resumed and is going for a 2-0 win to Chelsea. Not an original choice, but it’s a choice nonetheless. The Chelsea win pays a rather large 1/2 and the correct score pays 11/2. Why not push the boat out here and go for another 3-1 win to Chelsea? Watford have, recently, looked good for scoring each game, so live dangerously and oppose Lawro on this one!

Liverpool vs Leicester

The games aren’t getting easier for Leicester or Liverpool, are they? At the start of the season, Liverpool fans were chalking this up as an easy three points, and now Leicester fans are thinking this should be 3 points coming back with them. Of course, both sets of fans, right now, would probably take a point. Not Lawro, though. Of course not! He still hates Leicester, and loves his beloved Liverpool. In fact, he loves them so much he’s predicting they keep a clean sheet when they beat the league leaders. Yes, he’s going for his faithful prediction of 2-0. The Liverpool win pays 19/20 and the correct score pays 10/1. I wouldn’t waste my money on it, because Lawro’s annoying me with his hatred of Leicester.

Manchester City vs Sunderland

Anyone want to try and guess Lawro’s prediction here? I’m going to assume a third of you went right and said 3-0 to Manchester City. Yes, he’s predicting a heavy favourite is going to win 3-0 and no-one is surprise. I mean, it was either that or 2-0, wasn’t it? Anyway, Manchester City to win pays 2/9 which is fine to back if you’ve got a few grand lying around to bet with. The correct score pays 7/1. You know what, it could be 1-0 or 7-0 depending on what Manchester City turn up.

Swansea vs West Brom

At Christmas, it’s important to spare a though for those worse off than you. So at this time, please spare a thought for anyone going to the Liberty Stadium to watch Swansea host West Bromwich Albion. They need our help. Sorry to anyone genuinely excited for this, but it just sounds dull as dishwater on paper. Lawro disagrees and thinks we’ll be seeing West Brom run out 2-1 winners. The West Brom win pays 7/2 and the correct score is a monster 16/1.

Tottenham vs Norwich

One of the more interesting matches of the weekend, with Norwich buoyed by that big win over Manchester United, while Spurs seems to be treading water of late, not creating too many waves and just going along, winning here and there, dropping points here and there. It’s a good chance for both sides here, but Norwich might have just caught Manchester United at the right time to snatch that win and could revert back to form any time now. Lawro certainly thinks so and is bringing out his trusty 2-0 win for Tottenham here. The Spurs win pays 4/9 and the correct score is 13/2.

Newcastle vs Everton

You know, there’s not much to say about Newcastle vs Everton, really. I mean, it is what it is – two clubs who should have had more success over recent years scrapping for three points, with Newcastle needing them more. Flip a coin for this match, which Lawro disagrees with and is going for a 2-1 to Everton. The Everton win pays 13/10 and the correct score is a pretty paltry 17/2.

Southampton vs Arsenal

Last game of Boxing Day, and it’s one that Arsenal will be looking to win, as it could potentially get them to the top of the table, or at least set them up nicely for it heading into the new year. The way Southampton have been playing of late, you wouldn’t look past an Arsenal win, and Lawro definitely doesn’t. He’s going for a 2-1 win to the Gunners, and it’s not a bad prediction, really. The Arsenal win pays 23/20 and the correct score pays 17/2.

Hopefully Lawro can bring us all some festive cheer, whether you’re a follower of the great man, or you like to come and laugh at his tips. Tis the season and all that, so let’s just hope upon hope that the legend that is Lawro can replenish our bank accounts after the hit they’ve taken over Christmas.

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