The Lawro Audit: BPL Week 4

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At the end of the first week of us auditing Mark Lawrenson, things were looking grim for the BBC pundit. He was -11.3 units already, not a great start the season for the Liverpool legend, that’s for sure. But could Lawro turn it around and prove all the naysayers wrong?
Of course he could!

Bow down to at the temple of Mark Lawrenson, as although he got off to a slow start with the Manchester Unit prediction, he correctly predicted not only the draw in the Leicester versus Tottenham game, he got the correct score. Sunderland versus Swansea resulted in the same prediction and another nice lift for the big man. 2-0 to Manchester City was another correct result for Lawro, and he round off the week with a nice little tip of the draw in the Arsenal versus Liverpool game.

Who were we to doubt the great Mark Lawrenson? He came good just at the right time, getting two 6/1 correct scores, a 9/1 correct score and a 3/1 draw result, as well as the two 9/4 shots for the draws in the first two games. So where does that leave him now in terms of units won and lost? Well, he’s obviously in the profit to the tune of +4.2 units! Come on, that deserves some sort of hero worship, surely? The great Mark Lawrenson continues his predictions this week for the Barclays Premier League, and we’re still continuing with the audit below.

We’ll also post the betting systems recommendations:

Newcastle vs Arsenal

As expected, Lawro is going for the big guns here, with a 2-1 win to Arsenal his choice. Arsenal are 7/10 to win and the correct score choice is 8/1. Personally, it seems like the sensible pick, but then Arsenal haven’t been great and St James’ Park can be a tricky place to go. Don’t write off Newcastle just yet, as their draw at Old Trafford was huge. 2-1 seems a sensible score, but don’t be surprised if there’s a draw, or even a win for the Toon.

Our System: 1-1.

Aston Villa vs Sunderland

The potential for boredom in this match is huge. Lawro is having none of that and is going for a 2-0 win to Aston Villa. 19/20 for the Villa win and 7/1 for the correct score. This game is just a tricky, tricky one to bet on. Sunderland looked slightly better against Swansea, while Villa are just so inconsistent that tipping their matches is tough. If Sunderland go back to playing terribly, then 2-0 might be on the conservative side, though.

Our system: Aston Villa 2-1 Sunderland

Bournemouth vs Leicester

The first draw being tipped by Lawro, and he’s fancying a 1-1 result, too. 5/2 and 6/1 respectively for those bets. I’m liking Bournemouth and I’m liking Leicester, and this could be the sleeper match of the weekend. Both sides will fancy it, they should go for the game by the scruff of the neck, and we might end up with more goals than just the two Lawro is fancying. 4-3 anyone?

Our system: Bournemouth 1-2 Leicester.

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

Lawro sticks with the obvious choice and goes for a 2-0 Chelsea win here. It’s 2/5 the Chelsea win and the correct score is 6/1. Personally, I’d hate to be backing Chelsea at 2/5 at the moment, never mind a 2-0 win. They’re so inconsistent, they’re having problems on and off the pitch, and Palace are no slouches when it comes to getting forward. If WBA can nick a goal of Chelsea, surely Palace can? Tread carefully here.

Our system: On crack, suggesting 2-2.

Liverpool vs West Ham

No surprises that Lawro goes yet again for a Liverpool win, this time 2-0. 2/5 and 6/1 respectively for those results. No shocks if this does happen, but you do wonder where Liverpool are going to magic two goals from at times. West Ham are starting to regress from their opening day win, so don’t expect fireworks here. You won’t get rich backing Liverpool, but Lawro’s tip seems a sensible option.

Our system: 1-1

Man City vs Watford

A bold prediction as Lawro goes 3-0 Watford… No, he doesn’t. He goes 3-0 Manchester City, and with City being 2/9 to win, the correct score route seems the most sensible. 3-0 will pay you 7/1, which is far nicer than the 2/9 on the home win. Nothing else to say here.

Our system: 2-0. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out who to.

Stoke vs West Brom

I make no bones about the fact I hate watching both sides play. There was a time West Brom were exciting and good for goals, but not anymore. Lawro reckons it’s gonna be a stinker to, and has gone for a 1-1 draw. 12/5 for the draw and 6/1 for the correct score. Why not? It’s as good a chance as any in what looks awful on paper.

Our system: No pick.

Tottenham vs Everton

Lawro’s going for a Spurs win, which pays 1/1, and a score of 2-1, which pays 15/2. Surely Spurs are the underperformers of the season already? So much was put on the shoulders of young Harry Kane, and he’s not shown up. This game could go either way, I’d hate to be the one paid by the BBC to predict it. Although the value might just be on Everton, but hey, tipping Spurs is as good enough as any other tip.

Our system: Tottenham 1-2 Everton

Southampton vs Norwich

The Living Legend is tipping Southampton to get back to winning ways with a 2-1 win over Norwich. After last week’s dour draw with Watford, Saints fans will be hoping so. 21/20 for the Saints win and then 8/1 for the correct score. There’s no doubting that Southampton are the value bet of the weekend, as they’re a far better side than Norwich on their day. However, maybe Saints’ European exploits have taken it out of them, so it’s wise, again, to tread carefully, but don’t let that put you off taking the value of Southampton.

Our system: Southampton 0-2 Norwich

Swansea vs Manchester United

Amazingly, Lawro is tipping a 2-1 win for Swansea here, and I can’t say I blame him. If one of these sides looks a cut above so far this season, it’s been the Swans. Add in that United have had a European game midweek, and the timing couldn’t be better for a shock Swansea win. The Swansea win pays 5/2, but even better than that, the correct score pays 11/1. There is definitely a chance for a shock home win here, so get involved at those fancy prices.

Our system: Swansea 1-1 Man Utd

So there we have it, for all the doubters out there, there’s proof so far that Mark Lawrenson’s tipping is first class. He’s in profit, but the audit still continues.