The Lawro Audit: BPL Week 7

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After last week, I think it’s safe to say that Lawro’s new tactic of picking 2-0 home wins for the majority of results last week was not a successful one. He went for 60% of the fixtures being 2-0 wins, and do you know how many there were last week? Two. So that would be 20%. And how many did Lawro pick right? Well, just the one. He got Bournemouth beating Sunderland 2-0, while he didn’t get close to the Chelsea 2-0 home win over Arsenal. Still, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as he got four correct results, and one correct score, in the aforementioned Bournemouth win. But, as always, who are we to doubt the great Mark Lawrenson?

So how did Lawro get in on terms of a betting? Well, he hit the post in terms of profit, and only really needed one more correct result to get into profit. Or if he had found a more generous bookie, he might have got better odds than 7/1 on the correct score in the Bournemouth game. He came out with a loss of -1.62 units. So now he’s standing on a profit of +8.93 units, which is, as always, not to be sniffed at. Again, if you were following Mark Lawrenson to a £10 stake, you’d be almost £90 in profits still. As you can see, even when the Living Legend doesn’t have a great week, he’s still managing to get as close to a break-even as possible. Could any mere mortal do that? I very much doubt it.
Let’s see what Mark Lawrenson has to say about this week’s Barclays Premier League fixtures.

Tottenham vs Manchester City

It’s no surprise to see Lawro going for the away win in the day’s early fixture. He claims that Tottenham are getting better week by week, but still thinks they’re going to be on the end of a 2-0 defeat (where have I seen that scoreline before?) and that they’re going to struggle trying to coutnerattack against Manchester City. Well, that price for the away win is 10/11 and the correct score pays 10/1. My thoughts? Tottenham have been rotten up front, Manchester City got done by West Ham, and will have everything to prove. Manchester City win here, for me, no idea about the score, though. 2-0?

Leicester vs Arsenal

I almost spat my coffee out when I saw Lawro’s prediction for this game. He’s going for a 2-0 win for Arsenal. Yeah, I didn’t spit it out through shock, it almost came flying out of my mouth due to laughter. Originality isn’t Lawro’s strong point, is it? He thinks the Gunners are going to bounce back after defeat to Chelsea in a tough game. Arsenal win pays 5/6, and the correct score is 10/1. For me, this is a tricky game. I honestly think we’ll see goals, as Leicester are banging them in, but they’re also shipping them. Let me stick my neck out and go for a 2-2 draw. See, Lawro? That’s how it’s done!

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

Lawro, this is getting old now. He’s going for a 2-0 win for Liverpool. 1/2 and 13/2 respectively there. While Lawro has claimed that Villa have caused Liverpool problems in the past, he can’t see it happening again because Brendan Rogers will be feeling the pressure. Christian Benteke isn’t in line to face his old club, so where are the goals going to come from? My prediction? Pain. And a 1-1 draw, because both sides are awful. Oh, and if Liverpool don’t pick up a win here, I think it’s safe to say Brendan Rogers will be starting to pack his desk up in anticipation.

Manchester United vs Sunderland

Do you see the scores above? Well, Lawro reckons that Manchester United are going to win by the same scoreline. Yes, 2-0 win for Manchester United is Mark Lawrenson’s prediction for this week. Seriously. I’m not even joking about this now. 11/2 for the correct score and it’s 2/9 for the Manchester United win. Basically, he’s saying it’s a straightforward win for Manchester United, they’ll keep a clean sheet but not be too dangerous in front of goal. You know what, I’m going to trump Lawro and say Manchester United will win 4-0. It’s really not hard to stick your neck out sometimes in games like this, no-one’s going to think you’re an idiot if it doesn’t come off. Be original, Lawro, damn it!

Southampton vs Swansea

So, Lawro doesn’t think Southampton are a patch on last season, but still retain a bit of class. That’s why he’s going for a 2-1 win for the Saints over Swansea. Yeah, why not, Lawro. Of course, out of all the games, this looks the most likely to be 2-0 to me. Swansea haven’t been great recently, misfiring in front of goal, and Southampton didn’t look too shabby against Manchester United, even though they lost. Pelle looks to be back to his dangerous self, and he should be able to ask some serious questions of the Swansea defence. Anyway, it’s 21/20 for a Southampton win and 17/2 for the correct score.

Stoke vs Bournemouth

Lawro’s predicting Stoke to get their first win of the season at home to Bournemouth. But is he going for a 2-0 win for the Potters? Uh, no, actually. He does think Bournemouth will get on the scoresheet here, which is nice. Yes, Lawro is predicting a 2-1 win for Stoke. 10/1 for that scoreline and a generous 13/8 on a Stoke win. But you know what, I think Bournemouth have come into their own this season, and have actually played some quality football. Can they win? Possibly, and he value is there at around 2/1, which is why I would be backing Bournemouth to win 2-1. But then I should never doubt the Living Legend Lawro. Maybe I should call him Triple L.

West Ham vs Norwich

Now, this is a weird game, and Lawro thinks so, too. While he recognises the big wins for West Ham, he appreciates that Norwich are going to sit back and make life difficult for the Hammers. So he’s plumping for a 1-1 draw. Of course, if he thinks it’s going to be that tough for the Londoners to break Norwich down, why not go for a 0-0 draw? Anyway, forget about that, it’s 5/2 for the draw and it’s 6/1 for the correct score. You know what, I think West Ham have proven me wrong too many times this season, so they’re going to win this week, and they’re going to win 2-0.

Newcastle vs Chelsea

Back to the 2-0 wins here for Lawro. Do you think that he’s going for a 2-0 win for Newcastle? Of course now. He’s going for a 2-0 win for the favourites, Chelsea. It’s 8/13 for the Chelsea win, and 7/1 for the correct score. Yeah, probably. Newcastle are so bad that it’s not even funny any more. That’s not to say Chelsea are great, but, God, Newcastle would look like struggling in the Championship.

Watford vs Crystal Palace

A big game in London on Sunday, and Lawro is tipping up Crystal Palace to win here. He’s going for a 2-1 win for Crystal Palace, simply because Watford haven’t been as good at home as they have been away, much like West Ham, he claims. The price for a Crystal Palace win is 21/10 and 11/1 for the correct score of 2-1. I’m a big fan of Crystal Palace right now, and that’s incredible value for a team that’s been flying high as of late. It’s not to say Watford aren’t playing well, but they’re a team that like to hit on the break and might just struggle to do that against a side like Crystal Palace who are going to try and catch them on the counter, too. That being said, if Watford can nick a draw here, it would be a great result and would help solidify their solid if unspectacular start to the season.

West Brom vs Everton

Monday Night Football, and Lawro reckons that West Brom are going to run out winners here. He’s also going for a 2-0 win here, which surprises literally no-one. 11/5 for a West Brom win, and it’s 14/1 for the correct score. While he appreciates that Everton are undefeated away from home this season, Berahino being back in the picture for the Baggies is a huge plus for the home side. For me, it’s Monday Night Football, it’s going to be a stinker and I reckon it’ll be a 1-1 draw. Of course, I could be wrong, but there’s usually something about Monday Night Football that just doesn’t float my boat, and this fixture doesn’t exactly scream ‘instant classic’. Hopefulyl West Brom and Everton can prove me wrong, and we get some excitement to finish off Week 7 of the English Premiership.

So what have we learned this week from Lawro’s predictions? Well, he’s sticking by his 2-0 love, with another 60% of fixtures being predicted to be 2-0 wins. You would have thought that he had learned his lesson from last week, but it looks like he hasn’t. Anyway, we’re now seven weeks into the English Premiership season, Mark Lawrenson is still in profit and the Lawro Audit continues.

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