Euro 2012 Greece vs Czech Republic Match Betting Tips/Odds

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Greece looked solid in a draw with Poland to kick off Euro 2012, while Czech Republic looked anything but in their match against Russia.

This isn’t the easiest match to predict, but in terms of winning money, the bookies have made this real easy for us. Lets look at the latest odds:

For me, there’s no other bet here than Greece.

Greece had a great second half performance against Poland. Even the first half wasn’t too bad, but it was the second half where Greece really shined. Their manager made quite a few tactical changes when they had a man sent off, and they responded magnificiently.

As long as he can continue with these tactical decisions, Greece should have no problem defeating the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic at times, can look like a bunch of headless chickens running around. In a huge game against Greece, where defeat means elimination, we’ll see that more than usual. Greece meanwhile, are great at keeping their head. Hell, look at when they got the red card – they could have completely collapsed, but came back and almost won the game.

The betting odds here are dictating it for us – bet Greece to beat the Czech Republic.

I’ve looked at the rest of the betting opportunities and options here, and I really can’t see one that sticks out for me. This could be a fairly tricky game – I’d avoid all the handicap bets, over/unders etc and just back Greece to win.

Note: the below Greece vs Czech Republic preview was written prior to the Euro 2012 tournament and is here just for backup purposes.

For the most part, this is a placeholder page for the Greece vs Czech Republic Group A match, which takes place on June 12th. The betting odds for this game will change dramatically depending on the results of Greece vs Poland, and Czech Republic vs Russia.

I will post a complete update of this article once the Group A matches have played out, with those Greece vs Poland Betting Tips reflected on the odds after round 1.

However there is still value in getting bets in early on Greece vs Czech Republic. What you need to do is look at what the bookies think will happen in the first matches, and then bet the opposite. This is where you can find some tremendous value.

Now right off the bat, I believe Greece will beat Poland. So I see FANTASTIC value in betting Greece to beat Czech Republic. I can see those odds dropping after Greece beat Poland. I mean really – Greece EARNED their way into Euro 2012. Poland didn’t. Poland don’t have an international pedigree. Greece do. Poland have the home fans pressure, which NEVER works out for the host. Greece will grind the game out for 90 minutes, not giving a toss about Poland.

Greece will beat Poland all the way.

So does this mean Greece will beat Czech Republic? Personally I feel that yes they will – however that isn’t the point of this betting tip. You need to take advantage of this bet purely due to the odds – Greece will drop after their win over Poland, and you won’t get as much value.

You may also want to snatch up the likes of Greece-Greece for half-time/full-time at 15/4

Once the Group A matches have taken place between Greece and Poland and Russia and Czech Republic, I will write up a full update of this article, based on those two matches.

But bet Greece to beat Czech Republic on Tuesday, June 12th. It’s a banker!