Euro 2012 Group B Winners Betting Tips & Odds

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Predicting who will win Euro 2012 Group B is a tricky one, as we have 3 teams who we can easily justifying winning Group B. The four teams in Group B are Germany, Holland, Portugal and Denmark.

In reality though – this is a lot easier that you may think purely thanks to the betting odds. Don’t worry – I’ll break it all down for you as to who I think the Group B Winners will be, and why we should bet them based on the betting odds.

Germany are the favourites to win Group B. Holland are slightly behind them, Portugal are outsiders, and Denmark need not bother showing up if the sportsbook betting odds are to be believed.

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Usually when we are looking at who is going to win a group, we generally look for the most value in terms of the underdogs. However in this case we can’t look past Germany.

In qualification, Germany notched up a 100% record, winning 10 out of 10 games and scoring 34 goals in the process. This is no easy feat considering they had 3 extremely difficult teams in Turkey, Belgium and Austria to contend with. On top of that, trips to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are never fun.

Holland play beautiful football – but in the toughest game that the Netherlands had – they lost. Simple as that. In their toughest competitive Group game, away to 2nd seeds Sweden, Netherlands lost 3-2 and it could’ve been more. Sure, Netherlands may have relaxed with qualification already certain – but that’s something Germany never did. if Netherlands are sure to qualify in Group B, are they really going to push more to win the group?

Denmark and Portugal were both very poor during Euro 2012 qualification, and both of them are lucky to be there. They were average, along with Norway who lost out on goal difference.

At the end of the day, when you are going to bet on the winners of Group B you need to ask yourself – who can win all three of their games? Sure Holland COULD beat Germany, but then they could also struggle against Portugal and Denmark. Germany are the best option to defeat all 3 other teams, and win Group B with a 100% record.