Euro 2012 Group A To Qualify Betting Tips & Odds

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We have 4 teams in Euro 2012 Group A, which are are Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece.

With all the mainstream names and big teams in the other groups, many sportsbooks aren’t focusing as much on Group A. This allows us for some opportunities to make a little bit of money, and there’s a STEAL in my opinion, in terms of the betting odds.

I really do feel sportsbooks have overlooked Euro 2012 Group A.

Russia are heavy favourites to qualify from Group A. Poland are slight favourites for 2nd place, with the Czech Republic and Greece both expected to put up a good fight.

We are going to look at the betting odds of qualifying from Euro 2012 Group A, and what team we believe we should be betting on to qualify.

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Group A is expected to be quite a tight group. On any given day, any one of these teams can realistically beat the other. Based on that, we need to eliminate Russia from the betting. While their favourite odds aren’t TOO big – it’s still a risk we shouldn’t be taking.

I also think it would be a mistake to back Poland to qualify from Group A. They’re co-hosts, they’re rusty, they’re playing in front of their fans where there is a ridiculous amount of pressure. Don’t go the emotional route on this one. Emotions won’t play a part. Look at Euro 2008 – Austria and Switzerland were both dire.

Or even in Euro 2000 – Belgium didn’t qualify. This is all just proof that the emotional and home advantage factor won’t count. It’s all about quality. If anything the home advantage is a detriment – it adds unexpected pressure.

So with that, we’re left with Czech Republic and Greece. Which one of these to we bet to qualify from Group A? Well, if you look at the Group A Winners Odds – you will see that Greece are the heavy underdogs. I actually could see Greece doing very well to be honest – they’re the type of team that are able to grind out one victory after the other. It may be boring – but it’s something they can do exceptionally well.

How about the Czech Republic? Well honestly – they shouldn’t even be here. They were poor in qualifiers. Scotland should be here instead. How did Czech Republic fare against Scotland? In the first game they defeated them 1-0, when Craig Levein had some sort of brain fart and put out a 4-6-0 formation. In the 2nd game referee decisions were what saved Czech Republic.

This one HAS to be Greece. They have the ability to stop most teams, and with 3 barely above-average teams in this group, I’ll be surprised if anyone is able to break down the sturdy Greek defense. Over 3 games, Greece, especially with their betting odds, are the best choice to qualify.