Euro 2012 Group C To Qualify Betting Tips & Odds

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Attempting to predict who will qualify from Group C is going to be a tricky one. We have to of course take Spain out of the equation, which leaves us with Italy, Croatia and Republic of Ireland.

You may be wanting to put a bet on Spain but this is known as a bridgejumper bet – with those odds, if you lose you’ll be jumping off a bridge!

Spain are outright favourites to qualify from Group C, and the betting odds on Spain just don’t make it worthwhile.

So first of all – let’s forget about Spain, alright? The betting odds for them to qualify make it a stupid decision to bet on them. It’s too risky – because over 3 games you just don’t know what will happen.

Italy are the next favourites to qualify. We all know Italy can mess up on the main stage, but they have to be a contender. Their qualifying group saw them win 8 games and draw 2 out of 10 games, conceding only 2 goals. While they had a relatively easy group they looked great in every game, showing a lot of strong control and dominating many games. They also looked solid at the back.

Croatia were lucky to get through. They didn’t look too impressive at all. The odds of them qualifying are also very short – so I’d immediately eliminate them purely to the possibility of them qualifying and the low betting odds.

That leaves us with Republic of Ireland. Now you might think that the odds of them going through make it a favourable bet – but it really isn’t. Ireland are lucky to be here. They struggled in their group, and were given a relatively easy Estonian team to beat in the Playoffs. On their best day, I believe Ireland can beat Croatia. Italy though? It’s a long shot.

I think the best bet to qualify from Group C, based on the best betting odds, are Italy. However I see more value in betting Spain to win Group C.