Euro 2012 Group D Winners Betting Tips & Odds

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Group D is one of the most trickiest groups to predict who will win the group, or hell – even who will qualify from the group.

The four teams in Group D are England, France, Ukraine and Sweden and I firmly believe all four teams are evenly matched, and could win Group D.

England are the favourites(depending on the sportsbook) but the odds of winning Group D are fairly close.

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Now one thing I’ve always found when it comes to international games, is that with so many bookmakers focused on the UK, the likes of Englands odds are always lower than what they should be. This is because the English betting market are going to bet on England more out of nationalistic pride.

However on top of that – England as a team are a shambles. They have a new manager in, they have in-fighting between players, and they struggled during qualification. If they had been in a 6-team qualification group it could have been a much different story for England. While I do think England have the quality to win their group, I’m writing them off immediately. It’s just not a good betting price.

I also have to write Ukraine off. They’re only in here because they’re hosts. They have performed very poorly for years, and the odds should be 3x what they are to even consider backing them. Can they perform on their day? Yes. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that average teams just don’t do well when they are the host country. Instead of “home advantage” and the emotional factor – instead they seem to crack under pressure.

What about France? They had a tricky qualification group, but they generally performed well. In 10 games they only conceded 4 goals had had a very sturdy defense. They are a strong factor. However they weren’t over-convincing during the qualifiers, and the betting odds are still rather small.

Overall, I really like Sweden to win Group D in Euro 2012. Is it a certainty? Of course not. However the betting odds on Sweden to win the group are rather generous. Sweden also performed extremely well in the qualifiers, beating the Netherlands and losing just 2 of their qualifying games, with one of those losses being an injury time loss against Hungary. Sweden dominated that game and probably deserved to win it.