Euro 2012 Group D To Qualify Betting Tips & Odds

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The four teams that could qualify in Group D are England, France, Ukraine and Sweden. This one won’t be easy, as really all four teams could qualify, and you could easily make arguments for them.

Even the online sportsbooks aren’t sure! Depending on the sportsbook, you might see England as the favourites OR France as the favourites.

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Honestly, I think this is one of the easiest bets of the tournament.

Bet Sweden to qualify from Group D.

Look at the other teams. England, for example. They’re a mess! The players all hate each other, they have a new manager. They’re a complete disaster. Compare that to previous international tournaments when they’ve went in with great morale, and STILL performed badly. Could England qualify from Group D? Of course! But they are a team wracked with problems, and I just couldn’t sit here and recommend betting on them.

What about France? They’re actually not a bad bet at all, and are my second favourite bet. Sure, France can be a bit Jekyll and Hyde, but overall they were solid in qualification, with some sturdy performances. Defensively they were solid. They didn’t score many however, with just 15 goals in 10 games, which is a bit concerning.

Ukraine? No chance. They’re only in here because they are the hosts. That’s it. They are a poor team who don’t deserve to be in here. Home advantage doesn’t matter – it never does. Look at any average team in International competition and how rarely they perform well. If anything, they play worse due to the pressure on them.

My best bet to qualify from Euro 2012 is the underdogs – Sweden. Sweden are a GREAT team. Out of all the 2nd placed teams in the qualifiers they not only were the best – but they LOOKED the best too. They beat Holland. Their only two defeats were to the Netherlands away, and away to 3rd seeds Hungary, in a game where Sweden dominated them, losing only to an injury time goal.

This one is easy.