Euro 2012 Sweden vs England Match Betting Tips/Odds

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England got what they wanted in the France game which was a draw – they won’t be able to do the same against Sweden.

England picked up the draw simply because France were also happy to settle for the draw. Despite that, England looked shaky at times and Joe Hart, who was fantastic during the English Premier League 2011-2012 season, looked more like David “Calamity” James at times, the way he was flapping at the ball.

Sweden meanwhile, know this is a must-win game. They’re going to be pushing up like crazy, and trying to break down the English defense at any cost. Here are the latest betting odds:

This is quite a tricky game to predict, betting wise. England could be vicious on the counter, so Sweden need to break down England fast. If they allow England and Welbeck too many counter attacks, they’ll eventually be punished by them.

That’s exactly what Roy Hodgson will be hoping for.

Hodgson will be relying heavily on the counter attack in this game, knowing that Sweden need the win a lot more than England. We saw flashes of the England counter-attack in the France game, and we will see a lot more of it in the Sweden game. Also unlike the France game, Diarra won’t be there to stop Young like he did on Monday. Young was a non-factor thanks to Diarra, but that won’t be the case on Fridays game.

Honestly – I really like Sweden. I also don’t rate England that much at all. But with the way both teams are going into this, and the way they play, I have to give the nod to England on this one. Especially when we’re getting better odds than evens.

England will take the pressure of the Sweden attack then punish them with the counter, and I can see it working out very well.

An additional nice bet is Draw-England, for half time/full time. Sweden may take it slow to begin with, and only really push up in the second half. Hodgson showed in the France game he isn’t scared to sit with the exact same tactics or team, and the 4/1 odds we’re getting make that a solid bet too.

Welcome to my article that covers Sweden vs England Betting Tips. This is going to be a really interesting game, and I think there is really good value in this match.

Prior to Sweden vs England, we have France vs England and Ukraine vs Sweden. Those two games will dictate the tempo of this game.

I’m writing this article prior to the opening games of Group D, however I will write an update once we know more. Despite that, I still feel there is early value in this game. Lets look at the live betting odds for Sweden vs England:

Sweden vs England Live Betting Odds:

In my opinion, England are overpriced. This is a team that are a shambles, and I honestly think these odds will get sorted after the first round of games. Bearing that in mind, I highly recommend betting Sweden to beat England before the bookies wise up.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic can rip apart any defense, and the English defense is ripe for it – this is going to be a LONG game for English fans. Sorry guys – Sweden are surprisingly unfavoured by the bookies, and I can see them tearing through this group.

That’s my main, my best, my top England vs Sweden Betting Tip.

If you want to get even more risky, Sweden/Sweden at 11/2 is a good bet for half-time/full-time. I don’t LOVE the odds, but I do believe they present some nice value in there. Draw-Sweden at 15/2 is also good.

Heck, I don’t even hate England-Sweden at 40/1 for half-time/full-time. I think there is tremendous value in that one. 40/1 is available at .

Over 2.5 is 11/10 and that’s another decent valued bet.

These are my England vs Sweden betting picks. Bear in mind – these picks are written before the opening games have taken place. Once England have played France and Sweden have played Ukraine, I will have more top betting tips for you based on those games, and what those games mean.

In the meantime, bet Sweden to beat England.