Euro 2016 – France vs Romania Betting Tips


Euro 2016 kicks off with France vs Romania on Friday, June 10th 2016. That is the only game of the day and is a Group A fixture taking place at the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis.

France qualify for Euro 2016 due to being the host country of the tournament. They will be hoping to recapture the form that saw them take down the 2000 European Championships or saw them get to the 2006 World Cup Final. Since then, France have yet to progress past the group stages of the World Cup. Being the host country sometimes adds to the pressure and it will be interesting to see how the French deal with that – if they’re going to end up like Portugal or Switzerland – two host countries who lost their opening fixtures.

Romania had an unbeaten qualification campaign playing 10 games and winning 5 and drawing 5. They came 2nd in Group F to Northern Ireland and what’s notable is they conceded just 2 goals in the qualification campaign, the lowest of all of the teams.

The last time these two played was in the qualifying stages of Euro 2012. France won 2-0 at home with two late goals, and Romania drew 0-0 in Bucharest. They also met in the 2010 World Cup qualification which saw both teams draw, and then again in Euro 2008 in the Group Stage. That also resulted in a draw.

France vs Romania Match Betting Odds:

France: 1.40, 2/5, -250
Draw: 4.33, 10/3, +333
Romania: 8.50, 15/2, +750

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France vs Romania Match Betting Tips:

We obviously have no qualification data from France to judge their form on. However saw a very solid French team in the 2014 World Cup and one who weren’t afraid to score goals with a 3-0 victory over Honduras, and a 5-2 victory over the Swiss. In friendlies we’ve seen an offensive France team of late with good results over the likes of Russia and Netherlands.

be it a friendly or Euro qualifying, Romania remain an extremely tight team defensively and do a great job at stuffing attacks. It’s going to be a very interesting one because their counter attacking isn’t top-notch. If it was you could see them stealing a win against France. However their ability to stifle a game borders on incredible at times. Of course during qualification they never met a team with the offensive power of France.

I do think Romania will do a great job of keeping this one close but I can see France breaking down Romania as they’ll just be too strong competitively. I don’t see it happening early on but France will get the breakthrough and Romania will not be able to get anything back against them.

The odds aren’t great however so it’s your call. I’d love to tip France-France or Draw-France but I just am not confident on either.

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France vs Romania Prop Bets:

Like I said above I see this being a very tight game. I think France are going to win either 1-0 (4/1) or 2-0 (9/2) with a goal within the first 60 minutes, and a potential late goal as time goes on and Romania push up.

I’m not a fan of either of those odds though especially with France not being tested competitively in awhile.

I’d be putting all of my money on Under 2.5 Goals.

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4 thoughts on “Euro 2016 – France vs Romania Betting Tips”

  1. love your work! keep it up–quick question, do you bet a unit on each of the bets provided? and as you stated you bet France to win, the odds like you state are horrendous (ML)–are you just betting the under 2.5 then? sorry, new to the site so I just wanted to make sure–thanks again man!

    • Hey Bryan,

      For Euro 2016 I’ve got 3 different unit bets which are decided on based on my confidence. Some I am very confident about, some I am not confident about at all but just want to bet then there’s that one where I am fairly confident or it’s just a good enough price I can’t ignore it.

      Like I said above – it’s the readers call as to what to take although I could see how it could be confusing. By “I’m taking France to win” I didn’t mean I am betting on them more out of the options for result of the match that’s what I’m thinking will happen. I’m personally not betting them actually but I have my confident bet on Under 2.5 goals.

      Hopefully this all makes sense – bit tired after being out having a few beers watching the hockey. Need a nap before the ceremonies begin today!

      • Ok I totally understand. I found you guys on the nhl site and loved it and found my way over here. My follow up to that is do you clarify what type of bet a.k.a the confidence you have in each of these bets when you post? For example is the under bet a high-med-or low confidence bet? Kind of like what you did with the experimental system for nhl 1st period system. I just don’t want to be laying a flat bet for all these types if you guys feel much stronger about one pick over the other. Thanks again man and sorry about the lengthy post!

        • We usually don’t bother with a confidence system as we know everyone bets differently. The main aim was to cover a variety of markets, give our input and opinions but of course let people make up their own minds and their own confidence. Although you can usually tell by the writing just how confident I am.

          Feel free to ask me for any specific games though – and if it’s easier you can e-mail me at In regard to France vs Romania I was very confident in the Under 2.5 when I wrote the article initially – but now a little bit less. That’s purely due to chatting to some people who are convinced that France are going to “do a number on them” etc. So I’d drop that one to medium confidence or even low (imo the most money will be made after the first round of games anyway).


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