Where To Bet Formula 1

Posted: February 22, 2017

This article will deal with where to bet Formula 1 online.

If you’re looking to bet Formula 1 online this is the article for you.

One thing you want to do is register at all of the Sportsbooks we list. There’s two reasons for that:

(1) Get as many sportsbook bonuses as possible.
(2) Get the best odds possible.

Not only do the below sportsbooks all offer deposit bonuses and free bets, but they’ll also e-mail you with MORE bonuses or free bets, so you want to sign up to all of them so you are betting with the bookies money as much as possible.

You also want the ability to get the best odds as possible. Why bet on Lewis Hamilton at 7/4 when you can bet on him to win at 2/1 for example? Makes no sense, right?

Now we’ve separated this list into two. Americans and Non-Americans. It’s the way online sportsbooks are these days – there’s only a few that generally accept Americans and then those ones are usually closed off to the rest of the world.

Quick Summary: If you’re an American, your best options are Bovada and Intertops. If you’re not American, Bet365 will cater to all your needs. Intertops are also solid.

Alright here at the sportsbooks I’d recommend you get an account at:

Non-Americans – Where To Bet F1: Bet365


AMERICANS: Where To Bet F1

For each sportsbook that I recommend Americans bet F1 at, I’ve written up a brief review to summarize the high points and low points of that particular sportsbook.

These are in no order as every online sportsbook has its pros and cons. Read each one, and see what is best for you:

Americans: Bet F1 at Bovada:

One of the best options for Americans to bet F1 at is Bovada.

They are the premium US Sportsbook which cover practically ANYTHING an American would ever want to bet. This includes your usual sports of MLB, NFL and NBA. It also includes soccer, tennis, golf. Hell, you can even bet who will in the presidential election or who will be evicted from Big Brother over at Bovada.

And you can also bet Formula 1 Racing.

You might want to go check them out right now. If so, then just click on over to Bovada and you’ll see why they are such a top sportsbook for betting F1 Racing.

First of all – when it comes to F1 they offer a few different options. You can bet F1 futures at Bovada for example. You can bet on who will win the Drivers Championship, and what team will win the Constructors Championship. They also offer very fair odds which update live after each race to reflect the current standings.

When it comes to the races itself, you generally have the following 3 options:

  • Bet on who will win the race.
  • Bet on a driver having a top 3 finish.
  • Bet on a driver having a top 6 finish.

While not the amount of options that you’ll find at a UK sportsbook – Americans in this case can’t be choosers. They are limited to what they can bet and Bovada is the best of any.

Since writing this review, it’s possible they added more options so head on over to Bovada and check it out.

For all new sign ups to Bovada, you also get a 50% to $250 free bet bonus. What this means is that if you deposit $100 you will get 50% of that in a free bet. It will be $50 and you must bet it all at once.

Bovada also offer both mobile betting AND live betting. At this time I am not sure if they offer live betting for Formula 1 racing – but I will check that on the next race and then update this.

if you’re looking to bet F1 and an American, your best choice is without a doubt at <Bovada.

For Everyone – Other F1 Betting Options:

Intertops: These guys have been around since 1983 offline – and 1996 online. You can tell their sportsbook is rather outdated but don’t let that fool you – they are a fantastic sportsbook when it comes to F1. For each Grand Prix, you can bet the outright winner, the winning team, and who will finish on the podium or in the points. You can also bet on who will win Qualifying or Practise 1, the Qualifying Winning Team and who gets the Fastest lap. You can also bet Futures such as who will win the Drivers Championship, and who will win the Constructors Championship.

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